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Dual Brush Pens VS Dual Highlighter Pens

What are they used for? Which one is more suitable for me? Why are they so popular among students & bullet journalists like me?

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For new readers, if you do not know me, I am Wendy and born in Singapore. Afterall, I have hearing impairments on both side of my ears.

This blog post will be based on my personal reviews of these cute markers pens. However, you can also watch these two videos below!

Dual Highlighter Pens

On this blog post, it will be filled with slightly more information. If you find it boring to read (Laughs) I might get too involved in sharing my reviews! (Laughs)

Okay! Let’s get started!

What are the difference between them?

First of all, the brand Zebra Mild-Liners comes in both dual brush and highlighters versions. They have pointed pens at one end of the pen but on the other side of the pen, it will be either a brush or highlighter.

Brush Form
Highlighter Form

Dual Brush Pens – they are mostly used for calligraphy or you can outline the pens to add on colours and cute fonts kind of vibes. Whereas, Highlighter Pens, they are mostly used to highlight key points or words to make them stand out on papers.

I believes that dual highlighter pens are mostly used nowadays because no one like know how to do calligraphy… (Laughs) Plus, brush pens are like new trends that just released recently.

Personally, I went out to a bookstore like 1 week ago and just figured out that Zebra Mild-Liners also comes in brush formats. So, like me, maybe not everyone knows that there are also dual brush pens to use.

Which one is suitable for me?

It varies.

Their brushes are quite soft while highlighter are sturdy. Both sides have same colours and amount of ink. So far, I used dual brush to colour drawings and acts as headings outlines on my journal.

For highlighters, I used them over main sentences like motivational words to make them stand out to me in my own journal.

I bought them to try them out. They also comes individually, so you can try them out in your favourite colours.

When it comes to pricing, I think it is about the same. I cannot remember how much is the highlighter but it (one set of 5) reaches about $10 in Singapore? For brush pens, they only comes in neon but I do not like neon.

So I bought them individually at about $3 each. Turns out, buying a set is much more cheaper than buying individually.

It varies on what you normally use stationeries for in your daily life. If you are a student, I think highlighter is recommended for you but if you think that you are more creative then try out both of them.

You are actually adding colours to your work to beautify them and also improves your mood because of the colours. In research, even students use highlighters to highlight key words for their exams and it was found out that colours can help them to memorise and remember better.

(cool?) ( 0.v.0 ?! )

Why are they so popular?

There are many reasons to this one question.

I am not sure about you and the others’ opinions. For me, I do not have iPad…

In iPad, it has that application called Procreate and it has so many colour palettes. But… iPad is so expensive for me. I am trying my best to save up.

Stationery items are not so expensive plus, I do not buy them like everyday. I only buy what I need enough to make me happy while doing my journal…

Minimal is simple. So simple ~

Additionally, Zebra is a long-time brand came from Japan. If I am not wrong. So, I believed that their products are trustworthy, good and made of long-lasting qualities. Japanese stationeries are the best when it comes to stationeries.

(GOOD! ^.^)

Well, this is coming to the end. Thank you for reading my blog and hope you find it useful.

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