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YOU are a BADASS at MAKING MONEY written by Jen Sincero – a summary of the book.

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Hello Everyone! How is your day? My name is Wendy and today’s blog will be a summary on this book called ‘YOU are a BADASS at MAKING MONEY’ written by Jen Sincero.

[There is an affiliate link on the first picture. You will not be charged at an extra cent even after you buy it. Thank you. 🙂 ]

This blog will be a summarised blog of 12 chapters (leaving one out which is Chapter 13 to your curiosity) of this book. So, get yourself cosy enough with a cup of warm tea. This blog might take up to 15 minutes of your time.

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Chapter 1: Allowance

  • In this chapter, it will tell you about people who have that impression of having too much money is either too much for them to handle or having a desire for wealth is a greed. 
It will guide you into accepting your desires for life.

Chapter 2: Why You Ain’t Rollin’ In The Cheddah. Yet.

  • For this part, it tells few background details from the author’s personal experience. 
It focuses more on having beliefs and uses an example by using an imaginary ‘Little Prince’ which represent as your comfort zone.

  • It also teaches you ways to use your words and thoughts to inspire your actions into ‘reality’.

Chapter 2A: A Tiny But Mighty Chapter About Universal Intelligence.

  • It will tell you about how powerful is universal intelligence that everyone of us have, including you. It is a kind of energy and your own personal thought is also a part of it.

“When it comes to changing your life, if you’re not scared, you’re doing something wrong.”

Chapter 3: Show Me The Money

  • To almost everyone, money is the root of all evil. It actually comes & goes. However, it is just a tool in the end.

  • It is also a currency and a currency is actually an energy. This chapter will tell you how to earn with just good energy.

Chapter 4: Best Practises For Busting Yourself

  • The author shared her real life experience, where she has hesitated and struggled to pay $85,000 to transform her financial reality. 
It comes up with 4 tips to start busting yourself.

Chapter 5: The Hollering of Your Heart

  • Likewise as the title stated, follow wherever your heart deeply hollers for.
Never take no for an answer. It shows you steps on things you should do right now, not living in doubts anymore.

Chapter 6: Your Mental Money Maker

  • It tells a really short story of the actor Jim Carrey, on how he used his mental mightiness to manifest $10 million and achieved a successful acting career. 
This chapter also tells you what to focus on, how to control your emotions and widen imagination.

Chapter 7: Faith and Gratitudinal Gold

  • To be wealthy, you need to have faith. In this chapter, it will tell you how faith can actually strengthens you to be stronger and achieve your goals.
Having gratitude can help you to get out of the loop of lowness or negativity, opens you to new possibilities and sets you free.
‘Desperation repels, gratitude attracts’

“There is no lack of things to be grateful for if you remember to pay attention.”

Chapter 8: Decisive Action: The Choice of Champions

  • When you have thoughts, what should you do next? Take Action!
This chapter will tell you ways to break down the overwhelm into parts and steps to take action.

Chapter 9: Movin’ on up

  • This chapter will focus on who and what you surround yourself with, can result in how you perceive and feel about it. Including your annual income.
It will states down helpful ways that you can actually do whenever your fellow peeps are feeling negatively and fearful when you are upgrading your own environment.

Chapter 10: And now, A Word From My Accountant..

  • It teaches you on getting yourself open to more opportunities and put aside your ego and ask mentor for help. 
There are helpful tips in guiding you to ways to better understanding especially when you are your own boss that is operating in a small business. 

  • How to treat your money.

Chapter 11: Your Inner Wealth

  • This chapter will tell you ways to deal with your real inner self by meditation, affirmations and more.

“Self love means doing things that make you feel good.”

Chapter 12: Tenacity

  • Tells a short story of the author’s neighbor’s real experience.
How her neighbor actually achieved 20 times worth in a year or so from being rejected for having such a low savings. 
This chapter gives good examples on how to face nasty situations and keep it going. 
Take risks.

— End —

Thank for your time in reading this blog and hopefully it helps you! This book is totally recommended to especially women and putting yourself first before others is not selfish but part of self-love.

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