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min * i * mal * ism

the ability to simplify without losing any ability.

Hello Everyone! How are you feeling today? Must have been tough on you to experience being quarantined for many days and not being able to go out of your house.

Today’s blog could be something to relieve you out of boredom, nothing fancy and not too hard to do!

Let’s start writing our journal with minimal styles.

You can plan your weekly with just pens and washi tapes themselves without coloring or making use of markers.

In this way, you can better concentrate on tasks you have created for yourself daily in this minimal weekly layout. Use warm tones of washi tapes to beautify your layout in a minimal format.

There are journals that involved two-pages to create a monthly layout. For now, you can create a monthly canvas just on a page with a single color!

You can also start writing your goals in your journal with better concentration.

A little bit more of colours. You can make use of dual highlighters or brush pens to add in some colours.

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This will be a better creative layout with simple minimal format behind. There are journals that has calligraphy. But do you know how to do? Neither do I!

I use fine tip pen and write words with spaces in between. Then, followed by the brush pen to write over them. Not that perfect. But I did tried that at least. (Laughs.)

Nothing is perfect.

I do hope that this blog post will be useful for you! Enjoy trying out the minimal theme for your journal! Thank you for reading!

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