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Hello Everyone!

I am Wendy and welcome to my blog post! For today, it will be more on what I am selling on my Etsy Shop.

Digital Stickers and More!

These 4 PNG Stickers Sheets are new and uploaded just today.

What’s inspire me to get these ideas?

Breakfast and whatever I felt like eating have given me these ideas!

It took me this morning until now to get those stickers done.

When Can I Use Them?

You can use anytime related to your daily activities. For example, breakfast, you would drink coffee, milk or tea with waffles (YUM!) or pancakes!

God I miss the Macdonald pancakes. (Maybe buy it tomorrow morning)

Other than cute pictures, I got those sticky notes designed for your planner or Good-Notes 5 when you need to write notes or tasks to do list!

It does come with a certain colour theme – beige and white! From white to brown.

So, the colour matches from light to dark colour background of your planners.

Back To School!

Okay.. You might find it weird like stickers are all mixed up with different themes or categories.

But yeah, I am a creator. I create contents in my own way so, I hope you would like them!

(Laughs) There are stickers to use for students as motivation. 🙂

These stickers PNG are designed with pictures from Canva (definitely not taken by me.) So, I hope you like the images ! 🙂

So, that’s it for today’s blog!

Thank you for reading my blog post. Take care and stay safe everyone!