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Hello Everyone!

It is me! I am Wendy!

For today’s blog, it will be on what tools you might need for your first bullet journal.

It might not be related to you if the bullet journal is not the first term or anything new to you. Besides, read on since it is harmless to know more information! 🙂

Before getting started, if you are interested, you can click on the pictures itself to take a look.

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First and most obvious of all, you will need a notebook and a few pens to start your bullet journal.

When it comes to notebooks, there are many kinds of them like a dot grid, square grid, and even blank ones. They work out differently for everyone.

A6 Dot Grid Notebook

For me, I prefer the dot grid because it works well when it comes to writing and drawing at the same time. Plus, I can mix & match stickers and photos that I own together with the pens in my journal.

If you need to write along the line, you can try lined or square grid types of notebooks otherwise, a blank or dot grid is for you if you want to draw. Remember, these notebooks come with a back pocket to keep your stickers!

Pens & Markers (Even Dual Brush Pens)

Have you ever try out dual brush pens? Yes, dual-sided kind of pens. You can see the thick and thin sides on the opposite of the pen. It works as a pen, markers, and highlighter!

The cost of the set of markers might not be affordable but to me, based on its quality and its ability, I guess it is pretty worth it.

Tombow Dual Brush Markers

Their brushes are smooth, with fine brushes and great colours to start with for any beginners. But! If you are not into drawing, then you can use them as highlighter or outlines or even as fonts background!

Mild-liners Dual Highlighters

Washi Stickers And Washi Tapes

Here and now are the best products that are also commonly used by fans of bullet journal right now!

They are known as Washi stickers and Washi tapes. They are words, “Washi” originated from Japan. It means Japanese paper. Thin and easily peel off when even pasted on once.

Some Washi tapes are easily peeled off once pasted without destroying the papers! They come in wide varieties of colours, themes and designs.

I personally love those stickers that look like taken from photos just like those below. I do not own a camera or a printer to print out photos so I do find these stickers quite useful.

Washi Stickers

For washi tapes, I prefer white or transparent kinds that are not so vibrant in colours.

Sometimes, I look for cute kinds that come in a box and they are often affordable. They come in 6 to 12 rolls in a box at affordable pricing!

6 rolls per box

Finally, it is the end! I know this blog seems short but I am more to the point when it comes to my blogging.

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