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What Is My Purpose In Life?

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Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy and am from Singapore! Today’s blog is uploaded on impluse because of having a tendency to get yourself reflected. What is Your purpose in your own life?

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To be honest. Only you, yourself know the answer. No one including me can either help you or know the answer even. Everyone has different and unique purpose in their life.

What is actually holding you back?

It is weird to you, I know that by asking this ridiculous question. Most top answer would be either money or family.

Remember that this blog is mine blog, based on my own opinion and the rest is up to you.

Let me tell you a bit about me…

Once upon a time.. nah nah.. We’ll time travel back to the time I did not choose to renew my contract with a company. That job was my first full-time job and is the highest paid job that I have ever had.

After 6 months of working there, I called it quits. This isn’t the life for me. Everyone around me was thinking that I’m too naive to quit such a good job.

But I’m so freaking proud of myself doing that. Back then, I wouldn’t know if I did something wrong and worry about money. Heck care about it now.

My dad gave me pockets money every month for 6 months until now and I’m not really regretful or apologetic about it. What I believed is that he has to pay as my own father and since young, I have never achieved what I want to do because of my parents.

Money is always a problem in this fucked up family and fear is second to none. My parents have fear for many things and it kinda brought me up this way, to be fearful of over a thousand things. Like for nothing! Goddess gracious sake!

A good 6 months of ‘breaks’

Within another good 6 months of ‘breaks’, no income coming in, no money and no friends are contacting me anymore after they knew about my situation. Irony?

During the 6 months, it was a time for me to ‘relax’ by setting up and selling things on Shopify. It was a really hardcore experience and yeah, I regretted setting it up. So, I just closed it down after about 3 months.

The fear in me started to grow like crazy, my mood swings got worse and I got easily angry especially at my parents. My parents who knew nothing on how to live well and be rich! Nothing! That just got me even angrier.

But giving up is not what’s on my fucking list

Not even on my bucket list. Travelling and adopting a cat are on my fucking bucket list. You know what is Instagram, right? Go sign it up man! I’m not gonna talk about you, you go to Instagram and look for chicks or hunks or latest IPhone models.

Type in ‘Purpose’ #purpose on Instagram. You would see quotes and more quotes. So, an idea came into my mind and that is where I’m now.

My hearing loss is also another thing that has got me going. I want to motivate people, help them with advices if possible. Help them search for their purposes and snap them out of fantasy into their own reality.

So, that’s how my blog has started

My blog is mainly for anyone with a niche – ‘focusing on your own self-care. ‘ Put yourself first before others’ damnations.

Honestly, I’m not an expert in checking your brains out or checking the rate of your heart but you are the one who supposed to do that.

A little advice, do not follow your emotions but your head. Even I can struggle with this shit. My emotion always lead me to jealousy of seeing other young teens having sweet time playing on their latest IPhone models. So what?

Do they know the shits you know? Nah they can be smart but they can be blind. No one knows each other shits or able to the same shit. You have your own unique side and will end up different purpose in life.

How may I help you?

Likewise, the answer lies in you. I can only tell you that when you were just bornt, you were just playing with freedom and no one can stop you.

As you are growing up, situations has changed and it also changes you. You are growing up with wrong influences and ended up not being strong to face exactly what you want in your own life.

The path is decided in front of you but you just walked on it blindly while following other people’s recommendations. For example, college? I regretted going into such a good college because I hate IT course.

Now, I am signing up for a part-time position in Starbucks! Sucks isn’t? No. This is what I have chosen for myself. No regrets. No harm starting from the zero as long as I do not give up. So can you.

Start reading self-care which is a must before you can explore more on new skills relevant in future. Like digital arts, cooking and more. You need to focus on what’s inside you, not your emotion but your memory.

The Universe and its prey, BS

Two days ago, one of my friends contacted me. Weird? To me it is weird. It has been 6 months without any contacts before I got a part-time position at Starbucks.(starting in August! 🙂 )

Things are getting into place once again but to me, it can actually be a trap. (Huh? Are you like that now? Huh in your head?)

I believe in a term called, “The Universe” and it involves our daily thoughts and words. There is another word ‘BS’, forgot what it is actually. It keeps you within the comfort zone.

So, my friend contacted me and we went out for dinner. But I kept it strict on my spending and live below my means. Not like last time anymore.

Learn to say ‘No’ to pursue on what you are doing right now. Every one to two months you can hang with your friends but never let them know what are you doing. No need to know!

You will also gradually find out what are the difference between you and your friend, just like mine. 🙂

What made you the happiest?

If you remember when you were a kid, you just cried if you want to. Act cute to get people attention! Now, you can do whatever shit that made you happy. I’m not telling you to quit your job, yet.

Not unless, you are like me, single and single for life and may consider a part-time job. If you have a family, make good use of your weekdays after your work.

You have 24 hours and get a least 7-8 hours of proper sleep. Eat well and healthy and live below your means. Your end will shows how are you actually living right now. Can predict, ya?

Family bond is important too

If you have a family, wow great! I mean I have a family too. There can be situations that you have wished your family to understand you. It will so awesome if one supports you.

Do not fret if there is no one supporting you. Just do it. Only results will show. They only can see but never know the behind of the scenes. This is life. Life is never easy.

So, remember to start reading books on self-care and keep one on your bookshelf as a reminder. Good luck in finding your own purpose. It doesn’t matter whether it is too small or big as long as you are happy with that purpose. Deal?

Take care and live merry happy! Thank you for reading my blog!

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