What are my favourite E-Books for Blogging?

Hello Good Evening Everyone! My name is Wendy. The time zone right now in Singapore is at around 8:14pm at night!

Just two more hours to turn in to bed for morning shift work tomorrow. (Ps. 8 hours of sleep is just nice for me!)

All right! Today’s blog will be on what are my favourite e-books on blogging!

Well, I read most of the e-books directly from Amazon Kindle plus, they are much more affordable than those out there on retail stores. I owe an IPad so it is kind of saving trees while purchasing e-books rather than buying paperbacks.

That is just me, my own style. If your prefer paperbacks, you can purchase used ones from Amazon or well, get the new version from Amazon or from your retail stores.

I understand the feeling of reading a hardcover book and feel the pages on your hands! 

I will list the e-books down there and a summary review on it!

#1: Make money from Blogging, written by Lisa Tanner & Sally Miller.

This book is very basic and direct. It tells short yet simple ways to decide what to do for your blog. Like discovering your own niche and ways to set up your blog.

This book is so recommended to you if you have not yet buy the domain and self-hosted plan yet! Read it, plan before setting up your blog!

#2: Affiliate Marketing 2019, The $10,000 foolproof method

Okay guys! This book seriously never earn me a $10,000. Either I am still not clear of what I am doing with my own freaking blog. But compared to the first e-book above, this book has more details. Like new terms such as targeting your customers’ pain points. 

This book will be my most favourite of them all because it makes it easier for me to read with detailed information. Rather than making the topic so broad without much information and bombing helpful questions.

#3: The essential habits of 6-figure bloggers.

Likewise, the title has stated its purpose of this book. It comes with real life experiences of various bloggers who has gone through harder times than yours.

Definitely, this book is recommended to those who want to know more about how a life as a blogger is like, how they manage to get more traffic and their main reason for setting up the blog in the first place. 

#4: Blogging for Dummies.

Oh god! This book is really for a dummy like me! (Laughs) I read most of the e-books except for this one. This one is actually a hardcopy book instead of e-book format. 

I actually got it from a library since I am tight on cash. Having that curiosity how this book can actually amaze me. Apart from the same and repeated helpful words from the book with the rest of the e-books, it comes with images that clearly shows how it supposed to be like.

You can get this in e-book format. But do be reminded that this book is super thick! (Ack! A blogger’s life is like a student’s life)

#5: How to Blog: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to Create and Monetize a Blog.

Honestly speaking, I have never read this book but it comes with almost full 5 stars and customers reviews were so positive. 

Based on the customers’ reviews, this book seem to be similar to the other e-books except it comes with more helpful tools to promote your blog. 

This book is highly recommended to beginners for a good start! 

#6: SEO 2019 Learn Search Engine Optimization with Smart Internet Marketing Strategies.

Okay guys! This book also comes in 2018 version which means this is a really great book. 

When it comes to blogging, you cannot practically just publish without taking care of its SEO, words that are actually used for your blog!

Blogging is never as easy as you think and requires more hard work, research and definitely patience! You will need to polish your SEO skills and not only for blogging, you can make use of it in your future job-related. 

Act smart instead of working so hard. 

Lastly, these are some of the books that I have bought and read before! (Well most.) There are always many great books out there for your learning reference.

Keep learning and make sure you act on it! Thank you for reading my blog! I am Wendy. 

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