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Hello Guys! I am Wendy and welcome back to my BLOG!

Have you ever thought why do we go through both good and bad times in our daily life? 

Do you look up to bosses who are indeed enjoying their wealth when you are only a worker? What about them? Do they even envy you that you have the freedom to rest and spend time with your family?

Did you ever question yourself that everyone is actually bound to experience both good & bad times? Even you.

Thanks for being interested in my blog posts lately. I bet that everyone is looking for a simple yet with creativity included for your journal.

However, today’s blog post will not be on the bullet journal but more on humanity insights. I admit that I am not a deity (LOLS) or anyone that studies human behavior or even psychology. 

Why Am I Talking About This Topic?

I felt that many of us tend to misled by certain situations or things that we actually can stay away from. I just hope you guys can read this blog post on the other side of the book. It is going to be a long blog. Sit down and drink coffee while reading it. 🙂 Thank you!

My Own Thoughts On What’s Good & Bad.

It actually came from my own experiences. All of these came up in my thoughts before I went to bed. I am only 26 this year so you may believe that whatever I said might not be actual facts which are totally okay with me. 

Just no bias or attacks comments (Laughs)

Before I go to bed, the first sentence came into my head was, “What if I’m not materialistic and not follow people’s trend? I don’t think becoming an entrepreneur is easy and how I’m going to survive in this industry?”

I own an online stationery shop with no sales except visits by using paid ads from Facebook. Like this is an endless path to no success.

I am plainly doing what others are doing and of course, there are still no sales. 

Then many thoughts came later like “Bosses have wealth but I am sure it is not easy. It takes them years to be a Boss of a huge corporation, to feed the workers and how the hell can they maintain the company for years without collapsing?”

Can you do that? I am sure you will either shake your head or think to yourself, “Ya, it is not easy…”

What the hell am I doing in all my life? 

Getting to the main topic, Balance Between Good & Bad.

Good can be bad and Bad can also be good.

I am not playing with your thinking skills. A good person may not ever be good for life because he is a human being. Like us, we can be good but the surroundings and the people around us can affect us and we get easily misled. 

Even monks in the temple, imagine that if no one believes in God, they will not be able to survive without food and maybe with very little water. They are vegetarian but do you know that vegetarian food is expensive in my country? 

For the bad ones, they are bad due to stories behind them. A boss can be a “bad person” in employees’ eyes. Even husbands can also be “bad people” (if they fool around or does not respect the family”) in wives’ eyes and vice versa. 

Human Beings Are Never Perfect. 

We all are imperfect no matter whether your son is a university graduate, or your wife is such a loyal and great cook in the family or your husband has always given in to you.

Do not ever see the surface only without knowing what you are actually doing to them in the long term basic and also how much your actions can affect them internally and mentally.

Let say your husband is such a sweet and quiet man plus, what’s more, he is filthy rich.

But if you are abusive as his wife, slamming him with hurtful words and disrespect him in front of your friends just because your husband does not say anything in agreeing with you, you as his wife is in the wrong.

A couple has to respect each other fully. 

Human beings are fragile, easily hate and love someone even pets. Pets also can feel what you are feeling. 

That is why I post it as good can be bad and bad can also be good. 

A Boss Can Never Have It Easy. 

Another thought came into my mind last night.

To achieve the things you want, you have to lose something first. Family, love or relationship or even wealth, these are the ones you need to lose before you can achieve anything. Nothing is for free.

I have friends who are rich but their parents are freaking strict on their spendings. Rich never spend from their own pockets. They are actually mentally trained and can be considered “heartless” stingy spenders. 

But their status can also make it hard for them to trust and work along with people by putting aside their egos. 

Even at my current job, I worked as a part-time supervisor since last month at Starbucks, it has been 7 months working there so it was not a long period. I got mocked by part-timers who worked there for a year or so for my lack of basic knowledge and how am I suitable to be a supervisor. That is what they said at my fucking face.

Behind the store manager’s back.

Practically, I got a bit bewildered and was actually mocked. Of course, I felt angry but I kept silent. Only the noisy ones will get themselves hurt not the silent ones. I worked there just to earn money and not for status or becoming a whatever great barista. This is not what I want.

I want to be a free entrepreneur, doing things out of the free will. This is not easy but it is possible. Be something different from my parents and show them and outsiders that despite my hearing disability, I am still a human being. So, a Boss is also a human being, right?

What Did I Choose To Lose?

Love and relationship. Probably a family too.

When I got into setting up my online store, I got into a world full of hardships and tests. But there are fun and new learnings along the way. By then, time passes very fast.

I became a person that does not need love as I do not have time for that. I love pets and I think I can count on them (Laughs) plus they are truly loyal and loving beings. (God, grant me a cat & a puppy, Laughs)

I love the life of being a growing entrepreneur although I did not earn any sales but cannot give up. People can make it, so why not? Selling became my own passion and when time passes, I realized that doing it now without hesitation is not a risk but to be open to adventures!

So, it is not a bad thing. It can become fun for you when you look at it in a positive way. 

I also “dump” my friends like I do not bother to reply to them. They are the ones who will bring me down and forget what I am supposed to do. At the end of the day, I gain my knowledge while I lose my friend. 

To you, I can be a heartless friend but let me tell you honestly, they have become a bigger spender than I was ( I used to be a biggest spender among them all.) and they just wait for their next salary to spend again. This is the way for them to get rid of stress at work.

While for me, the only thought in my head was, to get out of the rat’s race. I do not want to work for others but works for myself with free will. There are still a lot of hurtful words shot back at me like, how are you going to survive with $900 per month? 

But for them, I personally know that even $1.8k per month is not enough for them and yet $900 is enough for me?

A number or a salary can go down if you mindlessly keep spending. So, to outsiders, it is like a status. “This person is really good at working and got paid $1.8k” and look down on someone who earns merely $900…

Wow, guys. Do not ever judge at all. You are no different from being a bad person or someone as a gossiper. – the end – 

Do Not Ever Look At The Surface, Look Within Instead.

No one can achieve without working hard. Even good and bad ones have the common thing in between. The Death. No one can escape it. 

We are all human beings so overall, there is no difference between good and bad. You can be both good and bad. This is the end of the story.

A monk can also be bad, for stealing grass from the cow. A monk can also be good in commoners’ eyes because they are “MONKS”. 

So, this is coming to the end of the blog. Comment down what is your thoughts on good and bad. No attacks or biased comments. Feel free to comment. 

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