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There is always a story behind others (and you too).

From the title, it definitely going to tell you that never disrespect someone else unless that someone is totally badass. Like totally unexplainable.

As we all are working adults even including unemployed people like you or students, have you ever feel that you are just being wronged and ended up hurt by outsiders? Outsiders like customers, partners or even colleagues?

I do. At the age of 4, I was diagnosed with hearing loss in both ears and ended up wearing hearing aids. Well, I do work full time job once which is in a Maybank and obviously it was also a mistake to work there. For me.

So, currently I am working as a flexible full-timer at Starbucks for about 3 months already, and I am still actively looking for data entry jobs. There are many reasons (that sound like excuses to outsiders like managers or colleagues or even my own parents) that I want to switch jobs. 

No one can understand both sides, you and me.

They do not understand me or my situation. They just do not. There is like no why or how to explain to them. Many times I was hurt by customers who gave me an annoyed look and probably they thought why that company hired me here. A deaf girl.

Like the fuck they know how our line works and they speak like a fucking bunch of mice. Crazy. 

Of course, how to manage this obstacle? Like I said, you and I might not even know that freaking customer’s story behind them or vice versa. They or even you might not even know how much have I struggled with hearing loss?

They might have just thought that with hearing aids on are working out for me.

Actually a big NO.

Definitely not. My hearing level can decrease way more than normal people as we age. If we do not take a chance to communicate, speak louder and misunderstood the correct tone of speaking which might led my hearing level to decrease over time.

Mainly speaking, I do not know how soft or loud when I speak to you or to the rest.

I can only guess that it is a loud tone or it is pretty normal to me but for others, it can be the opposite.

So having more interaction is really important to people like me.

To make it work, we need to work together, communicate nicely and with some understanding.

Too bad, no one wants to bother. They have many problems by themselves.

But I do not give a heck care anymore.

Do not give a heck about considering people’s feelings.

Since young, does your mother ever told you to be nice to people or heck about them? Half might say yes and the other half say no.

The reality in this fuck-up world is that there is nothing nice to see.

So are people. They can wake up on the wrong side of the bed and ended up really moody.

Like in the end of the day, why am I in the wrong and has to be blamed and get scolded by you, Ms Fussy?

There are nice people definitely but rarely nowadays.

The world is in a crazy situation that no one can understand.

Then, what now?

After all these 3 negative points, are there even positive sides to being understanding of someone else’s situation?


Definitely yes. Today, at work, there is a total deaf lady who barely able to speak, like with no voice has said this to me, “How are you handling this (barista) job when you have hearing problems?”

At first, I did not know she cannot hear and was actually gesturing in sign language because I thought she had seen my hearing aids and tried to sign in front of me, to help me understand better.

Actually, I do not sign and do not even understand any of them!

I only survive by speaking and listening very hard!

I then mentioned to her verbally that it was rather boring working here and I am looking for a new data entry job.

Surprisingly, she said that seeing me work at Starbucks, doing pretty well was actually good enough.

I was quite stunned for a moment. Like 4 seconds before I got to say that I am actualy fond of being on a laptop rather than talking at the POS area.

She was nodding like being able to understand me somehow.

Then the colleagues behind me kinda pretend not to hear what I have said, out of kindness I guess?

Then, from the moment, I think to myself that I am very lucky. People like her deserve much better and I should be really thankful.

No matter how tough the situations can be, just go through it, learn from it and restart again.

Because there are people like her who will definitely go through worse than me.

There is no such thing as an excuse.

In life, as we are human beings that we can tend to procrastinate a lot.

When we procrastinate, avoid doing those important tasks and ended up with regrets and frustration, it resulted in unhappiness.

You could have ended up being both bad customers and salesperson. You buy and sell things everyday. Right? 

Then, you do not get even minor tasks done and when they grew to be fussy and heavy, you get yourself fed up.

Plus, you get out there and shop around along with those unhappiness and frustration with you!

In the end, you actually cause that new person to be the victim of unhappiness.

Is like you are passing on unhappiness or vent your anger to them when you are actually in the wrong.

Because you do not bother to understand.

It does not kill you or deduct your salary by being nice to people.

It can make yours and the other party’s life much easier and happier.

Plus, even mental health is deeply concerned nowadays because of cyberbullying and whatever harmful shits that are going on are costing people’s lives.

I personally do not understand what are in those bullies’ minds.

There is this thing called “yin and yang”, black and white and how we actually read them separately, do you know how?

It is like the same concept as being bad or being good. It is a choice that you will make, not according to anyone even your birth parents.

This is your life.

But never forget that there are always consequences.

So, think about it, whether my blog post make sense to you not. 

Being nice can either irritate you or make you feel better.

To wrap it up, thank for the time reading my blog post and remember that this is your life. Happy living!

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