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The beginning of Self-Care

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Hello Everyone! How are you guys? I have not been so actively blogging for 2 to 3 weeks due to stress and hectic working schedule.

Currently, I just changed to work at my previous part-time job since working at Starbucks has actually given me a huge emotional impact. Every night, there is a heart murmur and my heart will beat faster which I guess it was due to the working environment.

Things were not going well according to my plan except getting myself a refurbished Macbook Air 2017 in about 5 days ago 🙂

Have you ever questioned yourself millions of times, “What am I doing right now? What did I do to deserve all those? Why are there no one even my own parents who do not even understand or support me? Why? “ 

There are so many Whys in your head, including mine. 

Then, I made my way to the library, to my favourite bookstore , Kinokuniya to search for an answer. Just one simple answer that could possibly change my mindset to look at my very own future positively. Would you even like that?

Which is self-care. Books on self-care, happiness and purposes.

There are many books written by different authors yet a common focus on every single one of them is to put yourself first before others. Secondly, which is definitely finding your Ikigai. 

Ikigai is still something I have not decided on yet. It meant a purpose, that make you wake up early in the morning to get that purpose or your Ikigai done! 

It can be anything small, meaningful and actually make you live!

There is one book recommendation that I have just read 2 days ago. It is called “Self-Care Projects”

This is how this book looks like. It is a very simple concept and has shown direct actions that you need to take on. Of course, the only question is are you even going to read and do something for yourself?

Many read books and did nothing.

Self-care is a long-term investment. (Woots what a nice saying for today!) 

  • It is free!
  • No one can force you or you have to do it an extremely hard way. 
  • Self-care is not something selfless
  • It requires just your responsibility for everything in your life.

So, I truly hope that you can get a rough idea of how much impact self-care can actually make in your life.

Without it, you will be experiencing the incurable disease that most of the human beings are currently experiencing but might not even know about it. Some of us might even overlook it or take it as something minor. 

Which is mental awareness or mental health.

That is probably why you will get to see a lot of hashtags following #mentalawareness .

Mental health is a main topic that comes with various sub side effects like anxiety, depression and others.

How to know whether you actually might have mental issues? No one knows actually. Even doctors or psychologist. The answer might be for you and even myself, see what kind of lifestyle you are actually living in.

Even a happiest person might even commit suicide on the next day. 

This is how serious mental health can actually affects us. 

So, on my following new blog posts will definitely be on how to start self-care routines and certain steps to actually adapt yourselves to a new lifestyle. Nothing much changed except people around you will react and see you differently.

Do take note that I am not a doctor but a mere part-time barista at bubble tea shop. 🙂 thank you !

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