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Hello Everyone! Good Morning.

Currently, the time right now in Singapore is 8.45am on a Sunday. Sunday should be a day when families can spend time together, get off from work or can do own self-care routines.

Actually, in reality, no one or not even 90% actually cares about themselves on rest days. They could be trying to get reduce stress and enjoy every little moments left before getting back to work.

But! Does it even exist at all? Did you choose to let it exist in your head, your mind or your heart?

Stress. It is a killer that leads to all kinds of health complications to us and lastly, the time left is nothing more than 5% of our life battery.

I have read that stress leads to heart attack. Not only that, it also leads to other illnesses like stomach cancer or mental illness like all kinds of complications.

My Personal Side Of The Story.

Since young, I have no idea what to do or want to do. Many people said it was normal because I was still young. I did believe in what they were saying but turns out until now, which I am currently 26 this year. Sill no idea what I really want to do.

I always change my mind. I either draw as a living or works at Starbucks to earn a “proper” living. Everyone around me was like almost the same, saying that you need a job! You need a job to survive and pay bills! Yes I damn know right!

All of these thoughts and words turn into a negative imprint on me.


But how the hell are there businesses, offline and online or even actors and actresses so that we can catch up on daily dramas!

They also had hard time and it kinds motivated me to find something that might be my passion and I could earn even a little from it.

There are many kinds of self beliefs like oh you can do what you like to do and turns your passion in to money venturing business.

Or, take up a job and turns your passion into a side income or just simply suck up to your current boss and live comfortably.

I always want to earn more money but you probably might question me, why do I need so much? honestly, since young, I was kinda traumatized by being poor at a younger age and could not buy anything I want. Life is short, right?

But all these “positive” motivations gave me more stress.

Funny thing is that I get more stress whenever I could not get the result I want to see. it turns out that I was not enjoying what I was doing and was blind to money.

Seriously, money can either kill you or give you a short-term happiness.

I need a turn to reduce Stress.

In order to reduce stress, to reduce hair fall (LOLS) and my tantrums, I avoid the thought of making more money but be more happy with what I am doing right now.

Colouring, drawing and filming turn out to be what are my most favourites. I want to film myself on Youtube, showing others that a hearing impaired can still talk. Voice out to people.

Drawing and colouring my drawings are quite good in reducing stress. There are many ways to reduce stress. (Simple as words stated than actions, right?)

Honestly, in the end, it is all up to your choice. You decide what you want to do. Avoid all kinds of words that your parents would say to push you away from doing your favourite thing.

Avoid all kinds of negative implications happening to you. It is all in your head. Make a choice. 😉

I know this blog seem to be lacking because in the end, it is all up to your choice if you want to reduce stress and be someone you want to look up to in the future.

This blog is short and involves a bit of myself. Thank you for reading! Have fun! 🙂 Take care and stay safe!