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Should You Start A Blog?

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Hello Everybody! My name is Wendy and this blog will be on ‘Should You Start a Blog?’

Well, I supposed that you have found ways or some answers from other bloggers’ blogs on how to start a blog.

Honestly speaking, it depends on your efforts.

Blogging is not as easy as you think. It is not just start blogging nonsense all the way. You need to be prepared before you could start your own blog.

Otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

Why Do You Want to Start A Blog?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself.

Blogging is for those who have a voice to share with people around the world and not just for the sake of earning extra revenue.

There are many various reasons why bloggers has started blogging.

Reasons such as: 

  • Become a profitable blog
  • Bring in awareness of certain topic
  • Promote your favourite hobbies

There are other various reasons as to why you should start a blog but you need to be clear of what is your goal before reaching out for the readers.

What Topic or Specific Niche are You Passionate about?

Wow! Wow! Calm down before you tell me what kind of niche has already been in your mind!

The real intention behind this question is that are you smart on this niche?

  • Do you know a lot about this niche?
  • Are you confident to produce good content on that particular niche instead of babbling nonsense?
From Pinterest

For instance, If you are fond of drawing but you goes on to blog about food because you thought it might be a popular niche to bring in revenue then you have to prepare for the big loss.


You may end up not knowing exactly what to type!

You are more clear on your drawing instead of food unless you are willing to sacrifice time and start from the beginning for a blog on food.

It is all up to you but take note that the readers are smart.

They can easily notice if you are sincere about sharing useful content instead of nonsense.

Are You Ready To Face the World?

‘A Whole New World’ Ost.
From Pinterest.

“A Whole New World~” oh god! I love watching ‘Aladdin’ and when the main characters sang that theme song, it makes the hair on my arms stand! It sounds… too mushy?

Ahem.. so back to the topic.

Your blog is not just for you to read but for readers from all around the world. You will have to open up to them, your face definitely and who you are. The readers want to know if you are confident in your blog.

I know that feeling whereby, I did fear getting noticed by my friends and my co-workers but this is what I want for myself.

I want my blog to get noticed and spread the awareness on self-care because this is what the world needs right now.

What about you? Are you ready to expose yourself to the public and face negative comments which might come by one day?

How Much Time Can You Commit?

For blogging, you need to come up with at least 10 to 15 blogs ahead, get them ready with good content before publishing it.

You cannot have a blog with no content, right?

A mistake that I have overlooked the most which is running out of topics for my blog. So, I do not want you to make the same mistake as me.

If you are taking a full-time job, how much time can you commit to your blog? Your readers can forget about you if you are not going to blog consistently. 

My recommendation is to blog at least thrice a week and weekly. So, do be prepared with a mind map full of topics on a certain niche before getting started on a blog. 🙂

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

How Are You Going To Bring Traffic And Monetise Your Blog?

Ah Ha! This is really tricky and you want load of traffic to your blog, right? Not telling you anything!

You need to find out and research on it. That is the hard work for getting your own very blog started. Right? There are various social medias to work on.

A wise tip, get your blog posts exposed on one of the social medias with attractive images and related captions.

So that, you can have some readers to read and increase traffic over time.

You just need to make sure your blog is secured. Ensure your blog has working url as you have the purpose of making your blog into a business blog, right?

You cannot possibly show your readers a url that is not easily identifiable and hard to remember.

Web Hosting
WordPress + SiteGround
(click it for a sneak peak at good deal!)

I used to sign up for wordpress for a free trial. There were visitors and traffic coming in.

But compared to now, after I changed to a paid domain name with self-hosted plan from SiteGround.

There are differences. It made me feel different and reach out further to various countries easily.

My domain url is easily identified and most importantly, my website is secured.

My readers can trust my blog. This is the most important part for starting out a blog.

Plus, I paid for it and it gave me that responsibility to do it well for excellence in return. Right?

Are You Ready to Spend Time for Your Blog?

Like Reading? As in will you read?

Life is a learning journey. For blogging, you have to keep up with various trends on your certain niche by expanding contents and keep your readers updated.

Blogging All-In-One

For an example, IPhone models keep changing once every year and if your readers are a fan of Apple, you have to keep them updated of the next upcoming IPhone model. 

At least your readers know that you are also a hardcore fan of Apple. At the same time, this might keep your readers attached and waiting for your next blog!

Choose something that you are passionate about so that you are easily motivated to make time to learn new things for your niche.

Woot! Finally!

In conclusion, I do hope that you get a rough idea on starting a blog and get started on research! It will not be easy for the first time but definitely get a lot easier as you keep going on. Fighting!

Thank you for reading my blog, Digital Girl’s 365 Blog!

Thank you for reading my blog! Hope this will help you in certain ways. If you like my blog, do donate me $3 to get myself an used Macbook Pro 2017. I am using it for my designing course next year and my part time job could not cover much of the costs. Thank you for your contribution! Ko Fi Donate Me A Cup of Coffee!

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