Self-Care Routine Part 3 22.08.2019

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy and am from Singapore. 

The blog for today will be on self-care routine Part3. There is Part 1 & 2. You may click on this direct link to each of the pages. **

You might have wondered if there is a simple self-care routine or a simple way to destress yourself after a long day of work.

Me too! It is not easy as I want to flop down on bed after a fresh shower! Get to my IPad and catch up with my favourite shows!

Questions that might be in Your Head.

  • Is it worthy to start a self-care routine just for yourself?
  • Do I have time for this?
  • Is it necessary as I might be able to keep it in control. Does it cost money?
  • How much time would it take?
  • When will it be the right time?
  • What are the pros and cons?

All of these will be answered shortly! 🙂

To clarify this, I’m not an expert in mental health or brain or whatever nervous system. This is all comes from reading, researching and testing on myself.

So, overall it might not work well on every single one of you. I truly believe we have at least one that works for us.

#1: Is It Necessary to Start A SELF-CARE Routine?

Yes. It is. No matter how happy you are right now, or you have already done it before then do continue!

Do not stop. Self-care basically is like pampering yourself and taking much care before you’re able to take care of someone else. 

It is not like doing it out of force or you’re a sick patient that needs care and (whatever on medication).

Self-Care is not like that! It is purely enjoying every single moment of your life! Getting yourself an IPhone? Can, but do not regret being penniless after buying it! 🙂 I get how you feel!

In life, we work, eat and play hard. Behind the scenes, we might feel different from what others have thought of. They might not see us struggling to catch up with our work and we put up with it. 

This is not good.

Anxiety, anxiousness all sorts of negative feelings can build up within us and if we do not keep it in control, we might burst like volcanoes.

We hurt our family members, friends and in the end, yourself. 

What’s the point?

All I think of is that what’s the point of getting myself hurt at work? Money? Nah when I died, money’s not going to come along with me. 

#2: When Is The Right Time?


Since young, we have been studying like a soldier, taking a path that our parents want us to be on. Then, as we grew up to be working adults, things have changed. Either our attitudes changed or the people around us has changed. Or both.

I have this main question that you might have read it before. 

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?”

Whatever you have right now, can be the result in the future. 

Like you are working in a firm and able to put aside time for your small goals, in the future you will definitely achieve your goals!

It is all about your attitude, whom you surround yourself with that in the end, gives you the final result.

A Little Background.

In my other blogs, I have stated that 7 months ago, I was unemployed and did not able to find ways to earn money in any ways! There were no ways until now. Nothing has changed.

What can I do? Indeed got mad, threw tempers at my parents for not supporting me in what I want to do, friends are all gone. Completely. 

No one contacted me or helped me! I was super alone and scared. What will my future be like?

So, there was a day that I decided to step out of the house, headed to the library and tour. Found a book on self-care, called “Love for Imperfect Things” written by Haenim Sunim. 

Love for
Imperfect Things

His first chapter has already got me reflected.

 “Don’t be too good.”

Good? Like I have already been too good on them? 

Probably I didn’t look after myself well. 

No hobby, no work, no money.


Life still goes on. I have had to do something, right?

#3: Does It Costs Money?

Does it cost you to pay for your bills? Do you need to pay for food and water? Have you catch a movie?

Aren’t all these cost money?

Self-care routine can involve money or do not need to involve any of it. 

For example, if you already own a laptop, take that chance to catch up on a funny variety show!

Otherwise, research on new hobbies! There are many digital hobbies to be done on your laptop like digital planner, create arts using photoshop.

You can head out to Starbucks to have a cup of latte and enjoy a slice of Red Velvet! Enjoy the view outside. 

Peace in mind.

Let your body takes in all the sweet moment and much rest. 

#4: What Are The Pros & Cons?

So, finally to the final part of skin-care routine Part 3!

What are the Pros?:

  • Self-Improvement
  • Able to accept and love yourself for who you are.
  • Develop new skills and new habits to replace the old ones that do not work for you.
  • Gets less prone to illness and stress
  • You faced a new mission each day, making yourself feel fulfilled.

What are the Cons?:

  • Can be time-consuming
  • Not sure where to start for a beginner
  • May feel lost along the way 
  • Long-term instead of short-term
  • People around you might change
  • You will be questioning yourself a lot (but will get better)

So, this is all for self-care routine Part 3! Thank you for reading my blog!

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3 thoughts on “Self-Care Routine Part 3 22.08.2019

  1. Self-care is very important.

    1. Yes INDEED!

    2. No one can accept or loves for who you are but only you can do that:) it is very serious against having mental illness.

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