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How I Damn Deal With My Life?

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy.

*Do be aware that this blog will be involving vulgar words. Today’s blog will be of 80% on my personal life and 20% on keypoint(s) how I solved my damn self in the present.

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From the beginning of my journey to the end:

Age of 4: My World Has Changed –

It ended up with both good and bad outcomes. The good part is that I have gained a biggest role in my family, an important role that another new human friend will be depending on and in his eyes, I am his new friend.

For the bad part is that, I will neither be able to play musical instruments nor be able to listen to music player in the public.

Hearing impairment was not something easy to live with throughout my life even now. Nevertheless, I am proud that being the eldest sister in my family.

  • Whoever is alive and breathing right now, will go through bad and good times.
  • Likewise, hearing impairment can be a curse but might be a gift in return. Everything exists right now has its own reason.

Age of 11: Becoming a real woman –

Yeah, you might have guessed it right if you are a female reader. At that young age, I thought that I have had cancer when there is a sign of a tiny red dot in the toilet bowl.

“Mom, I might have cancer.” She simply replied, “Here, take this and you need to bring some with you to school tomorrow.”

She handled to me a white cottony yet hard looking “case”. 

I am truly proud to be a real woman. Woman is the strongest human being on earth.

  • Life goes on and that is definitely commonly heard by anyone around you. Right?
  • There can be painful moments but as time passed by, you are able to withstand it and go through it.
  • As long as you accept the challenge, your life ahead will be a lot easier.

Age of 20 : A sentence that will lingers in my memory forever –

I can forgive but will never forget the painful scars that is given to me. It was an emotional yet growing up kind of process in college.

One of my classmates has a cousin who was also suffering from hearing loss like me. He find me easy to bully and during class, he has made a mistake with me.

He purposely took my chair when that was not his usual spot. To me, it was not a play but to provoke me. He has already opened that damn “innocent door” of mine which is not supposed to.

For the first time in 20 years, my anger has exploded like volcanoes that it should not have happened. It was even during class. (yeah despite knowing my crush was watching my drama, for goodness shit)

That “prohibited” door has opened and my trust has decreased and being on guard as much more than before.

  • You need to put yourself first, not others including your family members. Whether a not, you are pretty or sexy, you still have your own imperfection in you.
  • Everyone is not perfect. If you do not respect others’, you are not getting a single dime of respect for yourself. What you do will be reflected on you.

Present, at age of 25: A Door To A New World Has Opened, just for me.

Since about 6 months ago, up until now, I am still unemployed. Things have changed a lot and things became way clearer to me. It dawned on me that in my past 24 years, I was just doing things according to the old Book of Testaments.

From my own beliefs, you should start doing things instead of just listening to comforting words. It is all words without actions being done. Sounds familiar?

It sucks. Life is not supposed to be like that. You are supposed to be enjoying life like swimming in a pool and get to adopt furry animals without worrying about the bills! Right?

  • Get moving, your time will never stop ticking. Start hustling, right now!
  • Get into new interests and start reflecting what has been stopping you from doing things you love! Travelling, dating a hunk or whatsoever it is, just fucking do it!
  • Mix yourself with “good ingredients” and not friends who taught you nothing but to shop whenever you get way teary about your boss, or your mom’s nagging mouth to make yourself feel better. You will end up worst not better.

So, to round up for the day, remember that not all friends will end up staying with you for life, and put yourself first before others. It is not selfish unless you want to die first without enjoying the rest of your life journey.

Family is still there, and I do not mean your own blood related family members but they can be those who are there for you during hard times. 🙂 even cats are your family ( I LOVE CATS)

Thank you for reading the blog!

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  1. Hey, this is the first time that I am reading your blog. I don’t want to say that I am sorry for your hearing impairment, but I would rather say that I am really proud of you. Even though I don’t know you, I am proud that you have learnt to put yourself first after going through all these things in life. These are struggles , real things we have all been through at some point, like transforming into a woman from a girl , getting angry and speaking our hearts out, and other things. Thank you for sharing why we need to put ourselves first. Lots of love.

    • Peachgirldaydreamer Peachgirldaydreamer

      Thank so much for your comment and you are actually the first to comment really worthy message🙆‍♀️thank you so much!!!

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