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Plan With Me! Bujo [23.07.2019]

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Introduction to my Bujo

Hello Everyone! I am Wendy!

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My purpose(s) for this Bujo blog:

  • To promote an awareness on bullet journal 
  • To prove that planning and organising tasks on the day before helps a lot for those who have faced boredom, depression and anxiety in their daily life. 
  • Give a few rough ideas on how to design that suits your taste. There is no right or wrong in this issue.

This blog will be quite boring to most of you as it will shows my daily tasks rather than being communicative face-to-face.

I will be setting up Youtube, hopefully it will help you and myself to know each other well! 🙂

How I Get Started?

For me, I do not highly recommend you to just blindly follow my blog or others’ blog on bullet journal. There is no need to be so perfect or apply creative arts.

Bujo aka. Bullet Journal does not originally represent an art book but works as a planner, a to-do-list and an organiser.

‘Don’t be Too Good’ from Love for Imperfect Things
By Haenim Sunim

On the image itself, I come up with my own weekly layout after roughy looking through various designs on Pinterest. It is a simple design and very basic.

Monthly Spread

Monthly Spread

This is a monthly spread for July. I do not use this much often compared to weekly spread. You can add on goals and notes alongside the month table plus, habits tracker or mood tracker.

Habits tracker is like coming up with new habits that you have ignored before or have not tried it to replace your old bad habits. It can include spending logs to live below the means.



I started reading books on self-care and found a book about Ikigai, ‘Purpose’ if i am not wrong..

They comes up with loads of questions as self reflection and I wrote them onto my bullet journal to see what kind of answers do I come up with in the end.

This kind of practise is good rather than coming up with answers in your head that can be easily forgotten and never coming back. You can try this and it is like another way to prove yourself that you are actually looking forward to a purpose in your life.

Travel Packing List

Packing List

This layout is copied from Pinterest and yes! I am planning to go on a solo trip in October, probably to Thailand. I have never been there so this will be a really big project for me, loads of careful planning and studies on their food markets! (Laughs)

Finance Log

Finance Log

This is a finance log starting on 22nd July to the end of August. If you can see, there are two different colours and I either write the amount spent or saved onto those colours. Or even both.

It will be useful and can see clearer in a wide layout by using two different colours.

Another Weekly Layout

Weekly Layout

This is another weekly layout for this week, 22nd of July till 28th July 2019. 🙂

In Conclusion,

Collins Debden Notebook ,
Mildliners Markers

Hopefully, this blog helps you to get a rough idea as a beginner on bullet journal. Remember to start just on basic and you will grow from there.

Thank you for reading my blog! Please do drop me a cup of coffee if you find this blog’s content useful for you. 🙂 Meanwhile, join me on Instagram @peachgirldaydreamer for daily posts!

Have a nice day!

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