October Autumn Sneak Peaks!

Hello Guys!

This coming month, which will be October and it is a month for Autumn!

So, I have came up with Digital Planner that will be related to Autumn theme!

Here are some sneak peaks!

It will be on sale at $7.93 on 28.09.2019! Keep a lookout on it as only 20 will be on sale at $7.93.

The price will be returned to $9.90!

Custom Collection

Custom Collection

What is Custom Collection or Collections?

Basically, when it comes to actual bullet journal, it contains extra pages for various collections like habits trackers (sleep, mood or eating habits), book collections, record your number of steps per day and so on.

This collection is created to actually help you out in developing new habits and get rid of old bad habits that are actually dragging your best mode in your entire life.

For example, reading books are already my thing since childhood but until I got into college, schooling made it harder for me to spare time reading!

Just then, I got time to spare after I have graduated from school and started reading, while making use of a list of books’ names. This actually works in a way of being decorative and able to remember what books have I read.

Weekly Planner

Monthly Planner

For the planner that I have come up with will only consist one page for October.

Do comment down suggestions or queries like do you prefer the page that shows just the monthly calendar? Do you want an add-on like a motivation note next to it? 🙂

For my planner, since it is digital that you actually can circle the date like a reminder or upload your personal photos and place them next to the month!

Weekly Planner

I am very sure that most of you know what and how weekly planner actually works. For those who do not, weekly planner consists of at least 5 weeks (5 pages of the planner per month), each week containing 7 days.

A week planner will shows all 7 days, for you to record down the most important duties to be done on that day. Goals or extra reminders are there to guide you like a post stick, to motivate you to end your week well!

Daily Planner

There is also a daily planner. It will consists of hourly format per day, where you can make good use of it for appointments, exams or urgent events.

This will help you by showing you the overall layout in a more clearer and concise way!

Lastly, for this planner, it will not come up with hyperlinks. It will not be like the usual digital planner which consists over 80 pages but this one will come in less than probably 20 pages.

So, you will have to swipe pages, copy and create additional same pages without the help of the hyperlinks!

Do comment down if there are any suggestion to give before the due date! Thank you for your support!

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