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Hello Guys!

This is me, Wendy! I am here to introduce you to my Patron Page!

My page will be mostly on videos of my daily life and printables PDF to download for your planner.

Why Did I Choose A Planner?

My whole life starts with planning since 2 years ago because I was totally in a mess, full of thoughts stuffed in my head and it was not going well for me.

So, planning comes in when I want to keep activities according to my timeline that I set up a day before or a week even.

It also helps you if you are kinda self-isolated, not knowing what to do at home. It works like a colouring book, mix & match masking tapes and stickers on a planner.

I also believed that with cute and right colours of stickers or washi tapes can help to brighten your daily life.

What Will I (You) Get If I Join Your Patron Tier?

Actually, the patron tiers come in two options, $3 Tier and $5 Tier.

Both of them have different benefits for patrons like you. It is based on how much you need and how much moral support you can give to me! 🙂

I am still pretty new on this patron thingy. So, I am trying my best to know how it works and uploads fun digital masking tapes!

Patron Page will works like monthly PDF, and only patrons get those exclusive PDFs once they signed up for the tiers.

These PDFs will not be watermarked and come with transparent background. They will also not be shown on Pinterest for free!

Basically, only patrons will get the exclusive PDFs from me! Without mockups or watermarks.

Catch Up on Youtube Videos

I do not know whether you will be any interested in my daily life. (Laughs, Shyy@.@)

If you want me to show those vlogs, just comment down. My Youtube Channel is like full of videos on planeners.

Paper forms or Digital Forms. You will also get to see how I made use of those digital washi tapes that I have drawn on my iPad Pro 11.

Thank you for coming by my blog post. Take care and stay home!