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Hello Everyone, My name is Wendy and my instagram ID is @peachgirldaydreamer. You can join me and walk through my journey 🙂 Let’s share with one another.

Meanwhile, this blog is going to be so super long, so get a cup of hot rose tea and cosy up on bed. Read on.

Life was kinda unpredicatable.

Have you ever thought that your life is so unbearable, unpredictable and feel like empty most of the time especially while working ? Do you have dreams? Or a goal? Like I do.

At age of 4, my ears started to lose ability to hear and I ended up studying in a special school for Hearing Loss students. So, to hear better, there are hearing aids devices created for both of my ears so that I can listen better during classes.

I do speak and write in English fluently compared to people like me but not as clear as normal people. My speech will miss out those vowels or “s” sounds and such.

Last year in March 2018, I have finally graduated from a college with a Diploma in Info-Comn Technology, learnt stuffs like Programming and codings. However, they are just mistakes because I did not like doing them. Obviously, the main reason is I am not hardworking at those IT courses.

Since young, I had dreams like to be a teacher and owns dogs but when getting older, things have changed. In the end, I have no idea what I want to do.. You get my feelings, right?

Feeling Lost & Empty

Almost 5 months ago, I left my banking job because it was not the job I want and mostly felt empty whenever I reach home. It messed up my mood and this kind of mood swing involves anger, frustrations and all sorts of negative feelings.

So, I got that question popped up in my mind, “What have I done in all these 25 years?” Have you thought of that, just like me?

I stopped contacting my friends and vice versa, never celebrated birthday with one of them which is unusual. We have been friends for 5 years, in the middle of 5 years, when we got into colleges and started to drift apart. Got different mindsets about futures, jobs and different perspectives of our lives.

From Pinterest 💕

Travelling back to the beginning of 2018, I made a friend online and up until now, he is still my good friend who supports me and tries to kind of encourage me to pursue what I have to pursue. He is at much older age, divorced and working in IT field. We have never met at all but it was okay. We both felt super comfortable in that way and yeah, thank god because in the end, he is the only one there whenever I faced negative shits.

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T.Kiyosaki

I was never a type into… entrepreneur books or long winding books. My friend introduced me to this book which might not be my thing. Eventually, it has sparkled my mindset, showing me that everyone who has success in the end, actually experienced a lot of hardships. Really super tough.

I even feel like …at lost… from reading those books on investments, making sales, on how to blog, how to create contents for readers like you guys and so on. It is not easy at all.

Got An Interest In Bullet Journal aka. BuJo

That is why I sorta got an interest in Bullet Journal. It kind of helps me in a long term and not short term in planning and organizing my daily spreads.

Will get into more details on journals. It is super fun and addictive for me although it involves a lot of writing and ideas to design the layout. In the end, you will definitely see afar on the page itself, you actually have things to do even if you are unemployed. Like me.

Blogging Is Where I can Share My Voice

Blogging is another story and will definitely continue to blog till my death. (Ha.ha) It feels nice to share stories here anonymously and I have advices for ladies especially since I am a woman myself. It will be about sugar daddy and stuffs which I highly do not recommend. Why You Should Not Join Seeking Arrangement

Travelling is one thing that is on my bucket list before my death. My parents have never ever got to travel except Malaysia where my maternal grandmother lives. They fear costs, fear natural disasters and fear this and that. In the end, I never get to explore so I swear not to be like them. Whatever they are right now, (I am not sorry to be saying this) I will not become like them. It is very miserable and sad kind of life by the way they are living right now.

They are my parents and I am very thankful that they want me to be down-to-earth, be generous and I want more. By travelling, helping others, volunteering instead of saying without any actions done. You get what I mean, right?

We actually can do it! It is all in our Mind.

Dreams and goals will fail when you give up completely and returned to your normal lives while others are accepting struggles as lessons. They will succeed step by step while you are still blaming someone else instead of yourself. This is purely humans’ nature. Even I will do that.

Step by step, I will not give up. In all these 25 years, I have always given up so easily, thinking to myself ,”well, I am still young” until now. I am so exhausted of my old me. I hate it so much and my mind is definitely clever, more than I think! You too! 🙂 You can! Age do not define us but what we have done in the end. Fighting!

Thank you for reading this personal blog, do dm or follow me on Instagram! Will be doing live when my account reaches 100 followers! Applause! Good Night!

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