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How To Start Your Bullet Journal

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(In a traditional way.)

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy. Today’s blog will be on how to start your very own bullet journal in a very traditional way.

There can be many ways of setting up your bullet journal in a traditional way. So, for my blog post for today, it will be based on my very own personal experience and own thoughts on how a bullet journal is supposedly done in a traditional way.

Purchase A Notebook, Obviously.

Nowadays, there are many types of different brands at different pricings. There is a very popular brand started with a ‘L’ which is known for its good quality. It costs almost 40 bucks in my country.

To me, it is really expensive and I bought one from the Collins instead. It costs me about 27 bucks. It is a dotted kind of journal and I also made a purchase of a square grid journal from online store based in China. 

That square grid is really cheap and costs me about 10 bucks! Its quality is good enough for that affordable price plus, it made it a lot easier when I need to press the pages along the way.

The one from the Collins cannot even press the page well or have the page sturdy. 

So, there are many types of notebooks, dotted, square grids, lines and blank types. There are also dated planner kind of notebooks where you will see monthly and weekly pages. The dates and days are all written there for you.

I recommend square grid compared to dotted type if you are thinking about it. Square grid has lines and guide you to write well in a straight manner compared to dotted type. 

However, if you are towards more on drawing or a very creative person, you can try out dotted types which will not interfere with your drawings. Dotted types can be faint types compared to square grid types.

A Black Pen Is Needed!

Tombow Dual Brush Pen

I am using coloured pens from Muji and along the way, I have realised that I keep using black or dark blue pens most often compared to any other coloured pens.

My journal is mostly on minimalist designs and I do not heck care about mixing colours especially when I have loads to jot down on my daily journal section. (Laughs)

So, you are recommended to purchase at least 2 black pens and a ruler!

Highlight Your Words with Highlighter!

I know this blog is to show you on how to start your bullet journal in a traditional way. However, I totally love dual highlighters. The brand I am currently using is called Mildliners and it comes in dual form. Thick and thin highlighters on opposite ends of the pens.

They are also quite popular among other planners on Instagram. You can use them as banners, minimal decorations as there are also lighter colours. 

Plus, there highlighters seem to be not so wet like it would not apply too much ink through the pages which it is a good thing. 

Getting Your Favourite Washi Tapes

This might not be new or be something new for you. I do use washi tapes for my bullet journal although my focus is on minimalism. There are stickers that act like sticky notes but they are not stickers. 

You need washi tapes or coloured tapes to paste them on your journal. They are quite small, comes in various designs where you can use them as extra for your journal. 

There are types like for bookworms, motivational notes, to-do lists and paste them on your journal with the washi tapes.

This is about all for what you can actually purchase to start your bullet journal in a traditional way.

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Thank you for reading my blog! Hope this will help you in certain ways. If you like my blog, do donate me $3 to get myself an used Macbook Pro 2017. I am using it for my designing course next year and my part time job could not cover much of the costs. Thank you for your contribution! Ko Fi Donate Me A Cup of Coffee!

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