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How To Make Money From Blogging?

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Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy! Today’s blog will be more on a very common way as a beginner starts with. There are many ways to earn money from blogging.

(There will be affiliate links on this blog which will be no extra costs to you. When you purchased, I will receive a small commission from it. Thank you:) )

#1: Earning Extra Revenues Blogging Does not Happen Overnight

Why? To be honest, I have read many blogs on how to earn extra money through blogging and they all do not worked out overnight. The result will shows in 3 months to 6 years.

  • Blogging is more of like giving out your own opinions to readers who might become your paying customers of your recommended products.
  • Whatever products you are recommending on your blog must be of use or some value to your targeted audience.
  • Readers can become your paying customers if you give them relatable content. You must attract them emotionally not with similar mindsets.

Just like mine, mine is more on self-care. Self-care is a top priority for every human beings on earth. On my blog, I have recently published my real story to relate to my targeted audience. At the same time, I prepped myself to face any possible hate comments too. You can check out my blog here: Why You Should Not Join Seeking Arrangement Website

#2: Blogging Is Where YOU Show Yourself.

A blog of yours will show more personal information about you. How is your lifestyle like? Who and what do you actually do in real life?

Readers want to feel a connection with you on that single or more common niches. They must be able to feel that you are actually like them. Not making use of blogs just to earn extra revenues.

  • If you have started a blog on a niche that you do not personally understand, you lose content credibility. The readers will take it as you are just typing nonsenses on your blog.
  • Blogging is where you will get to establish a long-term connection with your readers by sharing and commenting on that particular niche on your blog.
  • Remember that when your relationship with the readers is growing well, your bank will also eventually grows.

Readers can feel just from reading your blog. 


#3: What Is Your Niche?

Oh man! I know this question is an easy one yet such a headache. Even myself at the start get frustrate over choosing a niche for my blog.

You need to find something that you are good at. Like arts. The readers might become your buying customers if your artworks stand out well, represents some meanings to them.

There will be events that are interested to get your artworks that connect them well in emotions. Your artworks might give them a meaning. 

  • What will makes you feel like doing it again?
  • What wakes you up in an early morning just to get that done?
  • What motivates you? 

There are many possibilities that you might share that common motivational joy with your readers. Gaming, online shopping sprees, movies anything!

#4: Is Your Niche Profitable?

Like in that previous question on what is your niche, arts can earn artists some extra money for their awesome artworks. 

What about yours?Are you good at cooking? Baking?

You can come up of a baking recipe book and publish a summary of your book!

 Call-To-Action (CTA) : Take action! Encourage your first 30 readers to become your subscribers and reward them with a free recipe book!

When it comes to pricing, it might get rather difficult and readers might hesitate to buy it without knowing much related contents. So normally for me, I do more research, read reviews and see if this product can actually solve the readers’ problems before I go ahead with it.

If you are coming up with your own product like artworks, take a snap (do not forget to apply watermark of your brand logo on it) and share it on social media. Analyse the rate of that artwork. Ask questions such as will you buy it if it is on sale? What is your comment on that artwork? How do feel when you saw it?

Call-To-Action! It might not be easy and time-consuming but the results will show eventually from your hard works! 🙂

#5: Why Should You Reward Them For Subscribing ?

Now comes to the next question which is very essential to all. It is to build the connection between you and your readers. That which leads to purchasing your item aka.

>>Money In Your Bank.<<

You have to rewards the readers after they subscribe. Why did they subscribe on your blog in the first place? To keep updated! They are interested to know more!

Most bloggers will give away a free ebook on a certain niche that solves the readers’ problems momentarily. You can also volunteer to give away like 5 gift cards to each subscriber who refers your blog to their friend! Buy one get one free!

Try to promote your items on Pinterest or Instagram with beautiful visual images to attract readers. An image that tells everything with a single short sentence. Like this blog post of mine. ‘How to Earn Money from Blogging?” Ta-dah!

Cool, right? Hang on ya?

#6: Joining Affiliate Programs or Ads? Both are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Are you publishing artworks of yours? Then, you can consider to add on related links from Amazon to your displays of artworks. Like markers or drawing tools.

Do not randomly publish or put up direct links especially ads. As someone who blogs and frequently looks for other blogs, it is rather annoying to see too many disturbing ads!

Take note:

  • Your ads or direct links like Amazon must be related to the content on your blog post.
  • Do not put up too many ads. Probably 3 to 5 will do.
  • Display your sincerity clearer than your ads. Getting your readers’ emotions are way more important in order to grow your bank.
  • Start learning new skills that you might get obsessed with along the way. It helps you to sell your works in a higher price. Start selling yourself.

#7: How To Promote Your Blog?

“Gotta Be Slightly Longer”

  • Join social platforms to attract readers and spread awareness of your blog. Make sure that the URL link is working and on whatever topic you are on, related your reader directly to that post. Do not let them work out to find that post. Or else, kiss them good-bye. 
  • Short Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is very useful and it helps to bring in readers to you. Do take note that you have to be hardworking in keeping yourself updated. Take an initiative to learn on SEO. (Tools like ‘Keyword Planner & Google Adwords)
  • Hashtags. Hash # tag your blog. For an example, you are promoting your artworks. Hashtag like #artworks #artists. You can put up Just 30 or less.
  • Do not stop even after you have gained 100 followers or 2000 views. Numbers do not mean anything. How much have you earned means a lot. Interested readers will come back to you again for updated topics. You want to keep earning extra revenues, right? Keep posting good content.
  • Keep track of how frequently you publish your blog posts. Your readers will get a hand of how often you publish your posts. For me, I will publish in 3 consecutive days a week.
  • Make sure your posts have images. Images that related to your readers to keep their eyes on your blog post. You can try out Canva, a short blog on this. How To Use Canva
  • Put up meaningful fonts to touch your readers’ emotions. It will bring your reader’s attention to your blog posts directly.

Wow! Thank you for taking your precious time in reading my blog. Hopefully it helps a bit! 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog! Hope this will help you in certain ways. If you like my blog, do donate me $3 to get myself an used Macbook Pro 2017. I am using it for my designing course next year and my part time job could not cover much of the costs. Thank you for your contribution! Ko Fi Donate Me A Cup of Coffee!

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