How To Kill Your Boredom?

Good Evening Everyone!

Now, the time is around 7:08PM at night in Singapore!

My name is Wendy and I am 25 this year. Currently working as a part-time barista at Starbucks in Singapore. There are countless times that I feel like quitting as I do not feel “right” working there. All jobs come with patience, tolerance and make sure you love what you are doing there! (Job!)

Honestly, I tend to try to be more productive and make my day worth it. Worth the effort, time and have fun too!

There will be 22 things to do to kill your boredom.

  1. Start a blog with paid domain and self-hosted plan!
  2. Get yourself creative with a paid drawing app called Procreate!
  3. Catch a horror or romance movie all by yourself!
  4. Get a drink at Starbucks and read a book, a non-fictional book. 
  5. Take a stroll at the flower garden or a zoo.
  6. Go for a swim! Or try out a new fitness hobby like yoga. Purchase a yoga mat and learn via Youtube!
  7. Visit a library without any ideas what to read. Take your time to discover the great titles to read.
  8. (My Thing!) I would buy my favourite Honey Milk Tea, a cup of bubble tea and take a walk from 1MRT train to the next 2 MRT stations. The distance is about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the walking pace. Just enjoy the road and city view.
  9. Read manga online!
  10. Take an hour of afternoon nap. Your body needs to recharge for the rest of the day!
  11. Play your favourite music playlists, dance and sing along with it! Voice out your stress and loneliness! (Taylor Swift’s Lover Album❤️)
  12. Purchase a notebook as your bullet journal and start your plan for the next day!
  13. Declutter your wardrobe. You will discover the clothes that you have never wear before. Donate or give them away.
  14. Track your money and take down what expenses need to be paid off!
  15. Start your money management. Watch Youtubes for more finance advice!
  16. Clear your pillows or put them aside. Make sure your bed is clear of any disturbance. Start your meditation for 10 to 15 minutes!
  17. Download Eventbrite or an application that you can book useful events for the weekend! It is good to learn something from the seminar.
  18. Go for a buffet or a nice meal with your loved ones or friends! Have a nice hangout with them. 
  19. Do some volunteering at an animal shelter. You will also get to make friends!
  20. Overcome your fears! What are you afraid of or what is stopping you actually?
  21. Come out with a song or lyrics for yourself!  

There are many other ways to kill your boredom! Thank you for your time in reading my blog and I am Wendy!

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