How Different Am I Compared to A Year Ago?

Hello Everyone! How is your day going? Now is kinda weekend and it is a Saturday! On my Instagram, I love cats so I follow #catsinstagram and they also claimed ‘Saturday’ as ‘Caturday’! Cute, right? I know!

Okay so back to today’s blog which will be how different am I now compared to a year ago, actually I am 25 this year. A year ago, I was 24, in an early 20’s. Next year, I will be considered as late 20’s. 

(Sigh) So, what has changed within a short period of time, in a year?

It has changed me, like 100% overall.

With My Previous Job, as a Bank Officer..

I was supposed to renew the contract with Maybank but I did not. I was honestly felt that it was boring and I felt lost often. “Was this the job I want?”

Went to work at 9am and reach home like at 8pm at night. It is like giving away my 5 days of 40 hours or above just like that. Then, in 5 years time, I definitely knew I did not want that kind of life either.

So, as the contract date was nearing, I decided not to renew although the pay was not bad for my inexperience level. But I wanted something more. I want to explore new skills, interests and figured out hobbies. 

Nothing good happened to me afterwards. I ended up unemployed for the next 6 months until I drove myself into a job as a part-time barista at Starbucks, working for $7 per hour. (Pathetic? Yeah it was pretty tiring.)

Then, I pushed myself into blogging. In the beginning, I actually had that intention of spreading words on sugaring relationship issue via blogging. But it seem pointless. No one actually get it.

A book has made a difference in my life.

Then, my friend introduced me to a book called, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ which has changed my mindset completely. His path to financial freedom was not smooth and safe either. It was full of dangers and risks. Big ones.

So, I took an interest in those kind of investing books, books on startup and self-care. Without self-care, it is like losing a brain while with limbs and you cannot move on. 

There are so many awesome authors out there on self-care and I tried to grow my potential, earn my own self-respect and self-esteem. My life is in my own hands.

With all these thoughts,’I am 25 this year and I have that huge chance to do something for myself, for my future.’

In the end, there is a life motto that I lived with, is called ‘never do what your parents actually done’. This applies to me not you, of course. We have different kinds of parents. 

My parents have this mindset that is ‘implanted’ since their childhood Save for the future or for their old ages. I probably can understand but the time has changed.

It is time to save and enjoy with what you have right now!

So, I did things differently from my parents and we definitely have disagreements, arguments and crazy quarrels. But then, I got to see things they could not. They are raised by grandparents. 

I was raised by books, actually. Period. The main factors to focus in your life (or practically mine) are money, self-development, self-love and self-care.

Why I did not mention about ‘family’?

You can help them but put yourself first before others. Ah-ha this is another life motto that is found in books. If I cannot save myself from this bad habit, then that is the end of my lifetime. It is like …worthless. 

You keep worrying, owning debts and living in a poor health. What is the point of that? That was what was actually in my head. 

So in just 1 year, many things has happened, ended up with no friends except one who came back and found me to talk to.

No proper jobs, living with such a low income , no more shopping or overseas travel plans. 

I did wondered whether I make the wrong choice of leaving Maybank. Until now, I did not. I did not hell want to go back even. It is like a prison without life or fun. So banking jobs are not that classy as you think. 

If I did not choose to leave, I would not succumb into blogging, got to know the sad stories of the employees who are working at Starbucks. The grand Starbucks! 

I mean I love Starbucks drinks and its quality. I got to know the people there and how tiring it is to work there. The pay was shockingly not that high for both part-timers and full-timers.

And, I would not know that money is so precious. Save money for bigger things like investment, travelling, treat yourself first. Not damn others. Tsk!

Finally, all I want to say is that, follow your heart. I got that sentence as a tattoo on my left middle arm. Why? Because this is your life. Life is so fucking short and do things right so that you will not die with regrets. 

Step out of your comfort zones. It is so easy afterwards. All it needs is your own damn courage! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

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