Dogs Vs Cats

Which is my favourite?

I will say.. CATS.

In the past, I used to be fond of dogs because they are active and able to ‘communicate’ with us more actively compared to cats. Cats are more like quiet and bosses of us, humans. (Laughs)

Whereas, for dogs which are most like side by side kind of friends and always on for fun.

Honestly, I do not have any pets at home because of common reasons. My dad and I have asthma and sensitive to dust. 

Plus, no one seemed to be at home to take care of the pets. Additionally, we are not financially well off so our house is pretty small and of course, we cannot afford medical bills like almost $1K.

I heard from my friend who has a dog and she is a single child. The dog was sick and cost her over $1K! I was like I love cats but well, I do not have that much money in my bank even now!

So, back to why I chose cats. Back in college, my friend who is a die hard fan of Taylor Swift and both of them love cats. You should know by now that Taylor Swift has cats at her home and practically her cats are like the Queens of the house. (Laughs)

Then, slowly, I got to discover cute sides of cats while strolling on Instagram. I prefer special needs cats more than normal kinds because I am deaf. I wear two hearing aids in both ears and as a human being, definitely feel like an outcast most of the time.

But for cats, they do not know anything about differences with their own kind or even with themselves. They just might have thought they were just normal. They just know how to love and cuddle or scratch the face if you piss them off. 

As I grew older, I became more of lazybum and prefer things in a slow motion. Cats are like mind their own business, sleep a lot and just pretty quiet. They are independent. Unlike dogs, they barked quite loud and hyper-active. 

Special needs cats are more fond of cuddling if I am not wrong. If you ask me what kind of special needs cat, I will choose those who have that weird eyeballs? Like the famous cat called, Monty and his sister, Molly on Instagram. 

They are so loving! At night, they will be waiting for their humans pawrents to go to bed with them! Or else, they will be meowing for them like reminding or warning them actually. 

Finally, do adopt cats or dogs and take care of them well. They have feelings and are totally innocent in this kind of world. (Except destroying your furniture and whatnots.) (laughs, good luck!)

So, state down in comments which is your favourite? Or what pet do you absolutely love?

Thank you for reading!

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