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An archive that highly focuses on Bullet Journal that is also known as ‘Bujos’ . It is really popular among people of every ages from 12 to 50 and even older age.

I got to know about it via Instagram when faced no goals, no purpose in life and not even knowing how to get myself started with ‘something’.

Why? Before getting your new day started, you should get a plan for the rest of the day, before you go to work, after your work and to stay productive! Make use of your hidden abilities whereby this blog archive will be showing you how!

‘Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!’

by, Benjamin Franklin.

How To Start Your Bullet Journal

(In a traditional way.) Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy. Today‚Äôs blog will be on how to start your very own bullet journal in a very traditional way. There can be many ways of setting up your bullet journal in a traditional way. So, for my blog post for today, it will be based on […]

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6 Things To Take Note To Start your Bullet Journal

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy and am from Singapore. I am currently working at Starbucks as a part-time barista.  Before Bullet Journal Comes Into My Life 2019 is a year full up downs and twists and I was actually going through a lot since I got unemployed from a full time banking position.  Only […]

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Fall Digital Planner

Hello Everyone! I just uploaded this set of 9 templates for October! It comes with 2 different weekly layouts and 1 monthly layout. It also comes with certain collections like water tracker and mood tracker! You can reuse the templates again for a month or mix templates with any of your owns! You can click […]

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October Autumn Sneak Peaks!

Hello Guys! This coming month, which will be October and it is a month for Autumn! So, I have came up with Digital Planner that will be related to Autumn theme! Here are some sneak peaks! It will be on sale at $7.93 on 28.09.2019! Keep a lookout on it as only 20 will be […]

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Plan With Me! Bujo [23.07.2019]

Introduction to my Bujo Hello Everyone! I am Wendy! (There are affiliate links here and do not fret, you do not have to pay for extra cent after making a purchase) My purpose(s) for this Bujo blog: To promote an awareness on bullet journal  To prove that planning and organising tasks on the day before […]

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Book Review on “The Bullet Journal Method” by Ryder Carroll

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy and am from Singapore! There will be affiliate links on this blog. Today’s blog will be on a review on the book called “The Bullet Journal Method” by Ryder Carroll. I will be giving my own personal review on it.There are also more books related to bullet journal out […]

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