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Can Bullet Journal Pull You from Misery?

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Have you ever already tried many different forms of self-care to save yourself from misery?

Things like food binge, reading more of self-care books, going on window shopping or even a big shopping haul, do all of these help you much?

I highly doubt so. 

Because I have done all these. I have even done worse, especially when I have a breakup and I was crying miserably. The pain was really intolerable painful and I even cut my wrists. He was my first love and a sign of shame. 

He was not into me.

He was just having fun with me. Yeah, you can call me naive and foolish but what do others say about love? Love is just blind especially when he was my first love. 

I was scrolling Instagram, hoping to find something distracting and found something new. Something new that has been changing my life bit by bit each day.

There are people who put down hashtags #bullet journal #bujos #journalling and many more below their photos. So, I clicked ‘bujos’ and found one.

It was just so amazing. It has shown various layouts like monthly, weekly and even their bucket lists! I never knew that their bucket lists are things that they want to learn. (Not Sky-jump!)

It was at that point that I realised I have many things I have not experienced it.

I was not going to waste my life over a heartbreak.  

There is a bookstore around my area that sells lovely journal notebooks and black pens. Have you ever heard about a book called, ‘The Bullet Journal Method’, written by Ryder Carroll. This book can be a must if you are interested in bullet journal. 

It is like a basic book without colourings or drawings. It was the start of a bullet journal which Ryder Carroll has come up with to use during his daily life.

I read back and forth for almost a week to get that clear understanding how the bullet journal is supposedly to be done. It was interesting.

Not only reading about the book, I went to look for the one for me. My own style. Everyone has his different style of writing out a journal. It can be colourful, minimal design or a book full of stickers!

During those times while figuring out what kind of journal is right for me, I have long forgotten about the heartbreak. It is like time has passed very fast. You cannot even hear anything around you or notice what is happening. 

You are in your own world for a short period of time.

This short period of time, you must use it wisely. Writing down your frustrations, pains or even happiness into your journal will allow you to know what actually makes you feel all these!

Honestly speaking, bullet journal is a small term, very simple task to do but it depends on whether you are willing to write it down.

You do not need to be concerned about the designs. You just need to jot down whatever shitty feelings you got right now. 

What kind of incidents make you angry? Why? How does it make you feel that way? Write down any solutions possible to prevent or deal with it!

I bet you might have seen various journals with Washi stickers, and people showcase their journals with markers. (So do I) But it is all show. What lies for real is behind it.

It really takes time and effort to jot a journal.

Make sure the table is decluttered or like me, I will take this short trip to my favourite library where I can sit right next to the huge window pane.

To enjoy both the sunlight and the night view while writing down my daily journal is very calming.

It is like the time is wholly mine. No one can interfere into this private journaling session. 

No one can judge your stories.

Do remember that a journal is yours and you decided it to be private or public. 

To get back to that questions, can bullet journaling get rid of your misery? Yes but only for certain people. We have different levels of misery, sadness and even happiness. Most of us can forget about it but for some of us, it is like a scar. 

You cannot forget or forgive that person, but you start anew with this journal as it will accompany you through the next half of your life. 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down! Thank you for reading my blog! Much love!

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