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Bullet Journal Weekly Layouts !

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Hello Everyone! 

My name is Wendy! Nice to meet you everyone and thank you for clicking through to read on my blog today!

The blog will be real short and straightforward. There will be photos or pictures directly taken from Pinterest! I will also state links along on blogs to read more on bullet journal layouts!

Have fun and do not ever compare your work to others. Remember the saying? Some takes 20 years until now then you have seen their success and you are only at 10% of their total hard work and failures. Just keep doing it in the simple way.

My recommendation for you will be starting your bullet journal layouts in a minimal way. So, yeah for today’s theme will be on ‘Minimal’!

Click to check out for more of this awesome creator!

Bullet Journal Addict

Click the Direct Link to Bullet Journal Addict’s Blog!

Try Out with Colours!

Click to Check For More on

Thank you for reading my blog! Hope this will help you in certain ways. If you like my blog, do donate me $3 to get myself an used Macbook Pro 2017. I am using it for my designing course next year and my part time job could not cover much of the costs. Thank you for your contribution! Ko Fi Donate Me A Cup of Coffee!

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