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Hi Everyone! I’m Wendy – the owner, the blogger, the creater, the artist of 365 Personal Blog which is a Blog dedicated to you who are looking for self-care tips and embrace the you for who you are.

This blog is also for sharing my personal life experiences to encourage you not to repeat what I have done. I’ld like to get connected to you and embark on a journey step by step to reach our final destination.

My blog is for you if you’re :

  • Looking for self-care tips to improve and care for yourself
  • Putting yourself first before others
  • Someone who is looking for a purpose in life
  • Share and comment great things about you!

Who Am I?

I ‘m 25 this year, born in Singapore and suffers from hearing loss since the age of 4. Currently living with my family, my parents and my younger brother and I’ve just graduated from college in early 2018.

Blogging was never in my thoughts in the first place. Until, I quitted my previous lavish job because I found no meaning in my life and decided to find new skills.

No dreams, no goals. Nothing and I’ve no idea what I actually want for myself or to be in 5 to 10 years’ time till I reached my phone to scroll on Instagram.

There are bloggers who are selling their courses and journals and the only thing that caught my eye is sharing their life. Then, I’ve remembered a mistake that I’ve made and want to share about it with you, to avoid repeating the same mistake as me.

Hence, this is a direct link to one of my self-care blogs. How to Stay Being Yourself?

As days passed, I am really happy to share tips and stories with busy people who have little time to care for themselves. Mental health is increasing and is a silent killer compared to most of the cancer because no one want to listen ( to the victim) or speak out (to others).

Every single day, in the morning or afternoon or after work, I have the motivation to start out a topic on self-care and other ways to improve yourself.

Bare with Me.
Pretty Nerdy Personality

Blogging Was Not My Expertise

Blogging is not easy for a beginner and you need to come up with many topics. At the same time, you need to publish to let the readers know you are actually out there for them!

My blog is published mostly 2 to 3 times a week, most preferably on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Definitely need a lot of research, reading and all these are mere exercises for my brain to stay active! (Do you know that keeping your brain active and with less stress are strong components to anti-aging and long life?)

Meanwhile, you can check it out at this direct link : Should You Start a Blog like Me?

When time comes, I will be posting a shop link here to sell relevant products like art pieces, journals and recommended products through affiliate links. Rest assured that you are paying for the product itself without any extra costs. You will be helping me to earn a very small commission after your purchase! (thank you with so much love! 💕)

This is a direct link to my Google Drive which is sharable for Digital Planner! Get Your Free Digital Planner!

Thank you for reading my blog and hope that they could help you. Do not fret commenting down what problems you are facing and I do want response from you!

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