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6 Things To Take Note To Start your Bullet Journal

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Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy and am from Singapore. I am currently working at Starbucks as a part-time barista. 

Before Bullet Journal Comes Into My Life

2019 is a year full up downs and twists and I was actually going through a lot since I got unemployed from a full time banking position. 

Only one thing that got me so engrossed into it which is bullet journal. Especially when it comes to racking my brains or researching to find out what kind of journal is right for me so that it can keep me going.

On Instagram, bullet journal is one of the most viral posts going on. You can get to see be inspired by other great artists on how they designed their own bullet journal. But for today’s blog is not on how to design your bullet journal, yet on how to actually get yours down in a minimal way. 

Get Ready with Black Pen !

I love using black pen and recommend to you to not buy any coloured pens but just 2 black pens. One is to take over the finished pen along the way when you cannot just rush down to the stationery store just to purchase a new pen? (Laughs)

You are also recommended to get at least 5 different coloured highlighters. For minimal theme, it is okay to use light or 1 or 2 dark coloured highlighters to work as highlighting the main words for yourself. 

Mildliners Highlighters

You can use them to highlight your weekly days and dates. Or even highlight the dates on your written monthly layout as important days! 

Monthly Layouts

It depends on you if you are the type to actually want to see an overview of your monthly events. You can set up one and make use of your highlighters to pinpoint those important events. 

Otherwise, like mine, I just design it instead of making full or any use of it. 

Weekly Layouts

For weekly layout, it is totally sufficient to just use only one page for it and the other page for short notes, gratitude log or even tasks to-do list on the side. You can display your weekends together in a single column instead of displaying ‘Saturday’ and ‘Sunday’ separately.

Weekly Layout

There are others who would not put dates but just days. Numbers can be good enough.

Key & Index Pages

Okay, so come to a very basic first 2 pages for index and key page.

For index page, it will be highly recommended to save two pages for it. For me, I do not use index page because I am not that hard working to jot down the page number back and forth.

It will only be useful to someone who would love to use their journal like a story book.

For the key page, I love getting key page for my journal because it helps me to be really organised. There are symbols with the meaning next to it just like the picture shown below. 

You can define your own symbols but those symbols that I have came up with are actually being used the most nowadays. They are kinda the original symbols came up from before. 

Daily Layouts

For daily layouts, you can use it as a daily journal. It is recommended to keep it short, as life is life and nothing works like simple. Just pinpoint out the problems and what can you do about it rather than complaining. 

Successful people do not complain but rather do something about it, quietly. 

Additionally, you can add on custom collections like hours per day. What time and what activity will you be doing on that day. 

It is great for you when it comes to appointments that you can record them in your journal. 

Custom Collections

Collections that will work differently for you and the others. Everyone of us have certain but different kind of needs. Some might need to explore new books, new habits or new hobbies or even a new working environment. 

Then, what will be your collections? Like for example, exploring new books require title and authors name where you can draw or jot down the details. It will be great for those book lovers to start a blog on books, and just refer back to the journal on books that you have read before. 

Plus, developing new habits to turn the old and bad ones away like for myself, I want to wake up at 5am and make it a good habit every morning. 

It is not easy for anyone to actually make it work as everyone has to work and sleep real late from watching late movies! (I got you!)

This is a habit that I actually started since at a very young age so it is not so difficult. However, as I aged, I get easily tired and stamina is low. So this has somehow become a challenge for me, a new habit to replace the bad habit.

Start On It!

Collections can be fun, teachable and requires long-term investment. No one can become thinner overnight. You cannot be rich overnight either. 

Custom collections are there to actually guide you but to make it seriously work out, you have to follow! Otherwise, a bullet journal is not for you. You are not following the book!

Make the layout appear as simple as possible. Shorten the words and put in meanings behind them instead of copying inspirational quotes from elsewhere.

No more complaints but ways to solve the problems in your daily journal.

Bullet journal is only for your eyes to see and read not for others. It is not just an entertainment (unless you are an influencer guru)

Okay so this is going to an end and I hope you can find this blog sufficiently enough. Do comment down and pin the photos! I welcome your ideas too!

Meanwhile, you can refresh on your bullet journal and get started in a traditional with slightest minimalist theme. Check out this related link! How To Start Your Bullet Journal in a Minimalist Way!

Thank you for reading my blog! Hope this will help you in certain ways. If you like my blog, do donate me $3 to get myself an used Macbook Pro 2017. I am using it for my designing course next year and my part time job could not cover much of the costs. Thank you for your contribution! Ko Fi Donate Me A Cup of Coffee!

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