The Biggest Mistake I Have Ever Made.

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy! This blog will be based on my own real life experience.

Before I Start:

This blog will be a personal kind of blog and no one is allowed to make judgements. We all make mistakes whether a not, it is small or the biggest one ever in your life. We are human beings and as long as we do not do it again.

So, back to my blog for today which will be on the biggest mistake I have ever made and I am still on monthly treatment since this is all I could afford for now. 

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

There is a monthly treatment that I personally went for to treat HPV. It is a nicotine treatment that is used for treating anal warts and genital warts. They are one of the symptoms of HPV. The treatment consists of nicotine spray and it feels cooling with a painful sensation afterwards. 

In my local country, women at the age of 9 to 26 can pay through Medisave for vaccinations and you have to undergo for it thrice. Everything will be paid through Medisave. 

HPV occurs in every men and women and if you do not take proper care, it will end up as cancer. It comes in all sorts of cancer and it is not curable. It can only be prevented with vaccination.

Anal Warts & Genital Warts

I am not a doctor so there are things that I am not so sure of yet. I have done all the vaccination needed and still going for nicotine treatments for the warts. From my point of view, there is neither a chance for me to have sexual intercourse nor have babies in this lifetime. 

I am not infertile but with this kind of HPV virus, I definitely do not want to pass it down to further generations. It is a disgust.

How I Sadly Got It?

By getting a sugar daddy. He was not honest and he is a rich man. Money is not the root of the evil. Is human being who is the most evil one on earth. Do you even agree with me on that? 

He did not tell me anything and I was naive back then. His penis stink and he prefers unprotected sex to wearing condom for safety sex. So, if you are currently on relationship, or having a fuck-buddy, please do wear a condom. 

No matter whatever shit talk, your partner comes out with, if he or she respects you then they should agree with having sex. You want a happier and healthier family in the future, right?

Unprotected sex can invite all sorts of diseases and viruses including those from the air surrounding the hotel room. 

Surprised? The hotel room might not be as clean as you expected and all sorts of adults can already have diseases and have sex there. Probably in the same room as you were in. 

So, wear a condom for safety sex. 

An Advice For Women

For ladies, (I am not sure about men.) please do invest in getting cleansing products for your vagina and anus. You can buy it at Watsons or Guardian and the recommended brand will be Vagisil. It eliminates odor and itchiness faster than other vaginal cleansing products.

If you love someone, do respect yourself before respecting your partner. If he or she does not accept safety sex then forget about continuing your relationship with that particular partner.

There are way many trees in a forest. (My ideal type was always a rich and hot bachelor. Now, I can’t anymore…)

What Can I Do Now?

Nothing. Hope I am able to live as long as possible to be an aunt and see my parents off to the other world. (Pause)

For now, I have only gone twice for anal warts treatments and this has to go on for years? There is no answer to that as in when will I fully recover. There is also a possibility that even when the warts are gone, there can be other diseases that are already forming. They are all parts of HPV. 

The HPV virus has already lingers in my body if I am not wrong. It is only an assumption for now. 

Everyday Is Such A Torture For Me

Every single day, I get in agony and got angry at every male human being on earth. Thinking how a bastard get a victim into such an agony is seriously unexplainable. I do hope you can spread the awareness of sexual intercourse and safety sex. 

This is not an easy thing for me to reveal who I am so do understand my plight. Losing a job or working in part time jobs or being poor does not beat against your own body. You have only one body. You were born in it and die together with it. So, respect yourself. 

I get situations whereby financial problems come in and you get frustrated and tired easily over it. You do not know what to do other than resort to such ways. Remember that there is always a silver lining in the cloud. 

Do not regret before it is too late. 

Seeking Arrangement Site

So in the end, the biggest mistake I have ever made is signing up on Seeking Arrangement website. You never know what sort of person you will meet and it is such a horrible experience for me. Same goes to sugar baby. 

I heard from one sugar daddy that a sugar baby might have more than one sugar daddy. If she has many and also done sexual intercourse, the rate for sexual diseases is very high. She is sexually active. It is not a good thing anyway.

In Conclusion

Do take note and beware of possible predators that acts so friendly, invites you into the car (do not go in! Refuse!) then you have to stop there and leave. You will thank me for that. Sex is always the offer. Both parties are not 100% into company and blah blah nonsense except sex!


Thank you for reading my personal blog and please do spread this awareness to anyone whom you know that are in relationship or thought of making fast money.

Thank you once again. 🙂 Take Care!

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