Several reasons why You should not Join a Seeking Arrangement Website.

Hello Everyone!Today’s blog will be focusing on reasons why I do not agree with you joining a seeking arrangement website.

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Roughly, I guessed you knew a bit of what is seeking arrangement and what is it like and others. If you are unsure, then read from here to know more.

Here is a brief summary of why and how I got in.

Why Did I Join in the Beginning?

For money. Definitely. That is probably your first aim to join a seeking arrangement website. On the other side, whoever is paying you, whether or not, is a sugar daddy or sugar mama, they want clean youngsters or fuck buddies (yeah fuck buddies, not fuck buddy) and have loads of money to give away.

I joined since a year ago and dropped everything and stopped in early 2019. So it has been a year relationship and I been having transactional sex 13 times, met 13 different men. Why? How the hell did I got to 13 men?

How the fuck I got to 13 MEN?

  • One, is that they are very busy. Like very super duper busy. You only can meet them like once or twice every two weeks and if you want more money and attention then this site is not for you.
  • Two, they want more women and declare about it only after having sex with me, (WTF) so I stopped it but I done it. Stupid right?
  • Three, they just disappeared after having one round of sex. So,it ended up to 13 men in a year and I lost my first time to the first sugar daddy.

This is not the real me. It is just for money. Whoever read this and get judgemental about me or about ladies out there as bitches, you get yourself slapped first before judging us. Cool? (Especially men.)

Girls.. this is not the end. This is not what I have expected either. It was all about getting fast money and attention from the men. Until I was ‘raped’ and got that fucking disease from a man recently.

Anal Warts & Genital Warts

If you are not sure what are they, you can google them up. They are symptoms from a main virus called HPV.

For women, please start applying for HPV vaccinations BEFORE sexual intercourse. If you have it after sexual intercouse, then be prepared for the worst. (money, painful treatments and your mentality for life)

In my local country, (Singapore) for women, you can use your medisave and pay from there. You need to go thrice for the vaccinations.

I’m not going to say how that fucking bastard ‘raped’ and lied to me without telling me anything. I took it as my responsibility because I applied for this stupid seeking arrangement.

So, I got it like 2 months ago, and before these itchy diseases came in, it was chlamydia. It gives out fishy smell and itchiness around your vagina. It happens to me a day right after the sexual intercourse.

Every single day, people around me noticed some weird smell especially in the cold office where the smell can leak out really easily, let alone when you sweat. For chlamydia, it can be treated with medications.

But! For anal warts? Nah, every single day whenever I got number 2 in the toilet, there are warts around my anus and it feels itchy like hell. 

I cannot sit down right after the big business so I have to stand for a while. There can be genital warts on the vagina and I have to get treated every month or else they grow and make me feel uncomfortable.

They grow faster than you think after you got that nicotine treatments on them and it is still not the end after you get rid of them. It’s gonna take years to get rid of them or not able at all.

There are also other skin warts from HPV that might appear after your anal warts are gone in a mean time. Why?

Why it’s not the end? The HPV virus is already lingers in your body and it’s not curable…


How It Affect Me on Everyday Life?

Basically, you have read some pointers above. 

  • Money, fees for the treatments are not cheap and have to undergo them every month to keep the diseases at bay.
  • Wearing tight pants are out of bounds for me because it is too tight that lack of air to breathe and causes the smell to leak out really bad.
  • Cannot kiss or have sex anymore! Never! 
  • No babies, which means no family for me in future
  • Cannot share drinks or food and your loved ones might suspect why are you indifferent. (I’m planning to keep it from them)
  • It affects me mentally and conscious of others in my daily life. Like taking public transport, I noticed people sniffing and rubbing their noses, make me think whether a not, I stink?
  • No one to share except here makes me feel alone physically. 

So girls, please respect yourself. Please please please. You never know someone from that damn website can lure you to their den and ran away leaving you hopeless.

What for facing all these shits for money and spending on materialistic items? Right? Ladies, I am here hoping to tell you my story, a story that I took so much courage to tell.

For money sake, there is no fast way to get it without a bad ending. Work hard and get them. Love and take care of yourself.

Thank you..

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