Why I Do Not Agree To Applying Seeking Arrangement (Seeking Sugar Daddies).

Hello Everyone! Today’s blog will be on sugaring relationship that is happening in whole wide world.

Do take note that it comes from my real personal experience. So, no judgements here, deal? Thank you 🙂

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Have you already applied for it? If you come to this blog, I am sure you are either curious or have already applied for it and looking back at what you have done. For those who are yet to apply, 100% good for you and continue to walk away but for those who have done it, go for a check-up.

My Personal Experience

My first sugar daddy happened in March 2018 and it has been a mistake for me. I got into it, like got myself addicted to it because you just do what he asks of you and he pays you. That is how it works.

You might see on other sugar baby’s blog, showing you how good and how nice is it to have someone to pamper you but it all depends on your luck. Who you meet with, and what you will do, it is all on the first meet.

Remember, curiousity kills the cat eventually.

What have I gotten myself into?

It happens in March 2018 and I stopped myself in February this year 2019, so it has been a year. The worst nightmare has begun. It will stick with me for years until…no idea when it will stop. I got that trauma, nightmares and hate men touching me. Including my mother. I avoid holding hands or getting touch by people even slightly.

How It Worked For Me?

My experience with them (sugar daddies) is very short-lived because they are either single or married or divorced. These three types of guys are what you are expecting and it depends on what are your conditions. No men are nice and always keep that in your mind that sex is always involved.

My first sex was given to this first sugar daddy and I left because he only declared after having sex that he wants more than 1 woman. Afterwards, I met like 3 singles but they are very busy with work.

Do not get the wrong idea. They find me a nuisance, I supposed so and stopped contacting me. So, I got that bad habit by getting to the next new guy.

So, I ended up needing more money and the number lasts till about 13 men. One left and the other one came in. I find myself trapped once and that was my last ever because I got infected with one of the STDs. Although, I have recovered but my traums do not until now.

This is still not the end guys. Sexual diseases are very mysterious. I ended up with anal and gential warts. Until now, I have gone for treatments twice which costs me like SGD1000. It is indeed a painful experience but I hated myself more and thought to myself “why must it be me out of all these people?” The doctor-in-charge has stated that it happens to most people who have UNPROTECTED SEX OR BEING SEXUALLY ACTIVE.

It is not easy, and you have to walk among the crowds with this freaking fishy vaginal smell or itchy butt. It is very torturing and also messed up both of your emotional and mentally beings.

How I solve all this shitty feelings

Sorry to tell you that, for these past few months, it cannot be solved. I will never be able to experience normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, get married with a peace of mind or have children. People will say that it is possible as long as you are cured. Nope. You and myself, we are not very patient.

How I feel all this while…until now.

Sugaring Relationship is not the only way to get money. Get Real.

There are many ways to get your money. Start picking up new skills, go through interviews and get yourself back to the job communities. Meanwhile at home, push yourself to blog and search what you can learn while gaining new skills.

Eventually, it is all up to your willpower. Same goes for me. Do not even consider to step into that dumb sugaring relationship or else you might get even worst sexual disease (HIV).

You can die early due to that and your life is just nothing because it messes up your mindsets, pull down your positiveness and if no one helps you, you might as well as live as a corpse.

Do keep in mind that these virus may not even say “hello, I am here” directly after sexual intercourse. It can takes months to appear and shit goes down the drain.

We Have Feelings And Be Good To Yourself.

Start investing in self-care books. The very important person in our life is you, yourself and no one even including our parents or your 5 years boyfriend or girlfriend are that much important. The choice is all up to you to believe.

“The little book of self-care”

Recommended Books

I am still reading books on self-care and I own this book called “The Subtle Art of Giving a F**K” and it is really worth to read.

“The subtle art of not giving a f**k”

Final Word

No matter what, do not betray your soul. It is yours and is all up to you. Pointless to end up suffering for life when you actually can live better.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this blog and you can email me privately at this link Connect With ME! If you need help.

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