Why Reading Is Important?

Reading can be boring or a waste of time to most people, especially those who are very busy working for money. 

We started our first reading probably when our mothers had us, or in school at the age of 5 and since then, it is all up to us to continue or stop reading books, newspapers or magazines. 

However, do you know that you are actually ‘reading’ all this while, not just books or notes but including social media like Instagram and Google internet surfing? 

I have obsession with reading. I also loved those comics like ‘Winx Club’ and took an interest in mange since then.

After I got into college, my time spent on reading has decreased a lot and having new friends also took over my reading periods. Unemployed for 6 months.

So, reading is the first on my list to kill time and this time round, the topics are way more different. No longer reading romance or fictional books or novels but books that help me on developing new skills, self-care and more. 

Books that are useful in shaping up your future. 

Pros of Reading Books:

  • New books, new topics to widen your horizon
  • Self care books helps in reducing stress and improve your self-esteem
  • Helps in reducing memory failures.
  • If you are a blogger or a writer, reading can help in better writing skills.
  • Reading can help you to stay focus and concentrate
  • Improves your vocabulary 
  • Useful when it comes to better conversational skills

Cons of Reading Books:

  • It may bore you if you are not into the topics. 
  • Can be time-consuming
  • Not all books are cheap to afford for reading. 
  • Imagination is too much when you get into the character’s role
  • Affects your social life, spending too much time on reading.
  • Affects your eye if you do not give your eyes some time to rest.

There can be many reasons as to why you should read books (I totally encourage you to do reading) and how you can plan not to consume too much time just on reading!

I mean that we all have friends, family and partners to spend time with! Additionally, we have our own jobs to earn us a living, right? 

How To Plan Reading?

Like what Bill Gates has said, take a think week whereby you yourself spends time reading books that are useful for your career or reading up on famous people without anyone interfering you! Plus switch off your mobile!

Of course! I would not ask you to take a think week because I doubt our generation right now are able to find time or even take week off! You guys are working your ass off! Just for money! I understand that part and I totally relate to you because I am like you!

However! One difference between you and me is reading, I always read a book or 2 per week. It helps me to think more logically, builds up new ideas for my blog and anything on self-care books make me feel stronger to face the world out there.

My life is not perfect like yours. I need improvements and cannot stop improving because it is totally okay for all of us being greedy for more knowledge. 

That is why I recommend you to take time off just to read at least twice per week, probably 2 hours on reading per day. You need a timer to keep track.

Taking Down Ideas and Feelings

Normally, after my reading I would take a chance to write down an overall review of the book. How I feel after reading it? As a blogger, it will be useful in creating contents for my blogs. Plus, I can read from what I am actually writing and how I think of that book!

It works like a recollection of book summary into your journal and one day, when you come back and read through perhaps, you will go re-reading that book! 

Recommended Practices when it comes to Reading

  • Place a timer next to you and follow it! Once rings, stop reading!
  • Library or cafes are recommended for your reading.
  • Switch off your notifications during your reading
  • Be in a good mood for reading 
  • Gives your eye at least 10 minutes read (not by scrolling your Instagram!) and look around you. See trees and observe people can reduce the strain on your eyes and make you relaxed!
  • Around you, make sure there is nothing on your table but your book. Less items equals to less distractions.
  • Make sure there is sunlight or light when you are reading! You do not want to spend $$ on getting yourself a pair of glasses.


I have borrowed books from the library. Some of their books are not of updated versions. But, you can still read as they are for free but do keep in touch with Amazon or Google or even your nearby bookstores where they mostly stock up new arrivals. 

Not all new arrivals are good reads or updated versions as some might just be filling in lousy information or has similar contents as previous writers. Before reading, I have research on their reviews.

I also have read books such as ‘You are a badass’ that is written by Jen Sincero and ‘Ikigai’. They relate to people like me so well that I always go back to reading it the second time. 

There are many awesome books out there. There is a saying in ‘Ikigai’ book that keeping your brain active can help prevent aging and reduce stress to live longer!

It stated to be true (I’m only 25!). I have read often and I do not get sick easily.

Final Words

Previously, at the top of this page, I have stated that you are actually reading (everyday) by scrolling Instagram or Facebook because you are taking in information from all around the world. 

However, it gets you emotionally and mentally affected that you might grow a new character or a new side of you. It will then affects the people around you. That is also another con of using too much social media. 

Physical books are better than being on social media. They can grow your brain bigger than you think and you will find that particular information useful out of nowhere.

The brain is very powerful. 

Hence, I hope you take up reading and enjoy it! Thank you for reading my blog! I am Wendy!

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