What Is My Typical Day Like?

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy. I was affected with severe hearing loss at the age of 4 with an unknown cause.

Some might have thought it was due to having a high fever for a month. Some might have thought that it was because of my dad’s loud voice. 

I do speak but not as clear as normals do. Things like vowel and stuffs nah not my thing. Unlike normals whom can listen to music at public but, I do love listening to music. My favourite singer is Kim Taeyeon, the vocalist of Girls’ Generation! 🙂

This is a rough background information about me and it will be with me till my last breathe.

So, let’s get back to the topic, what do my typical day look like even towards me.

Typical Working Day:

  • Woke up at about 6:30 AM, charge my IPhone 8 and get ready to take a shower.
  • Done my shower in about 10 minutes and get back to my blog, looking through what topics are supposed to be published on that day.
  • Hustle my blog works till at about 7:45 AM to leave for work.
  • Working hours are irregular as I am working as a part-timer. So, I left my house at least 15 to 20 minutes early in case of any traffic or emergency along the way.
  • Reached home at about 16:00PM or 18:00PM and started my shower without turning on the heater. Cold shower is the best to keep me awake. 
  • Catch up with one of my favourites shows for an hour. 
  • Go back to blogging til at about 21:45PM.
  • Naptime at 22:00PM. Always ensure that I have 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Typical Off-Day:

  • Woke up at about 7am, charge my IPhone 8 and take a warm shower. 
  • Lazily opening up my IPad and look through my blog’s statistics.
  • Look up for more books for my blog’s improvement.
  • Have breakfast at about 9:30am
  • Catch up with one of my favourites shows for about an hour.
  • Sometimes, I will take a walk out to somewhere else far from my home without bringing my IPad. Lesser items, more relaxed mindset.
  • Have my lunch outside at about 15:00PM which is no longer a peak lunch hour break. 
  • Reach home after a late lunch and catch up with one more favourites shows. 
  • Go back to blogging, brainstorming for ideas and topics.
  • Blogging session lasts till about 21:00PM
  • Naptime at 22:00PM

Wow!! Okay so I can see that it is a really boring and long schedule of the day for myself. 

You should do it for yourself with much honesty, please.

This seems really useful for me because I, myself cannot possibly see how I actually have my typical day. In between there might be incidents whereby, my mom would call me up to accompany her to see a doctor when it is my off day.

There are definitely days whereby, I will catch a favourite movie and pon my blogging till much later or skip it. It is never wrong and you need to take a rest. You are not a robot but a human being that needs much care. 

Obviously, if you have been doing a lot of hustle works and I know how it feels. I might not feel much pretty the same as you or feel that much tired like you did. 

The fatigue level is just torturing and pulling you down. From time to time, under a warm or cold shower, you might suddenly think of a painful moment and started tearing up without noticing why. 

This is probably because you are too conscious of winning or completing something useful till you exhaust yourself too much. 

This is what had happened to me lately after I left my full-time job to join a mere F&B part-time job due to its flexibility.

After all, it was a choice that I made. 

Take a day rest when you are given it. Work always comes non-stop so what is the point of being so persistent on completing it?

At least it does not take away your life. You are living freely and not in a cage. 🙂

Let’s face and enjoy moments together.

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