Best Skincare Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

For today’s blog, do take note that I am neither a makeup junkie or a skincare expert.

It all comes from my experience of suffering from acne for 4 years and remember that everyone has different skin type and skin conditions. 

Do not compare yourself to others! 🙂

My Skin Type

My T-Zone area is always oily especially the nose and the chin area where both look real glossier not only under the hot weather but also during the cold weather. 

For the cheeks, they may look oily to you but underneath the cheek skin layer, I can feel the lack of hydration. It feels super dry like a desert. 

Corsx Pimple Patch
Do not pop your acne instead apply a pimple patch!

At anytime, the acne can come out without you knowing until you see it personally on the mirror. Unless, someone like your closest friend starts to toy with you, telling you “Do you want me to help to pinch that annoying whitehead?”.

Oh God. I know that feeling..

I would usually cover the red bump with foundation, pick on the whitehead and keep pressing like nobody’s business.

Whereas, all these actions are actually one of the main reasons why you still have acne.

So, right back here where I will introduce basic tips you need to take note of instead of wasting more time and money on products that might not work on you. 

Tip #1: Know Your Skin Type

It is very essential to know what kind of skin type aside from acne-prone skin. Why?

  • Dry skin requires more moisturizing products compared to oily skin
  • Oily skin need to search for hydrating products, not moisturizing products including anti-aging product.
  • If you are at teen age, it is important to know how you feel after you cleanse your face.  Dry? Squeaky clean? Totally clean? NO!
  • It is totally NO if you expect to wash your face SUPER SQUEAKY CLEAN.

As time has changed, the weather has also changed too and our skin will also follow the changes. Our skin is no longer works like people from ancient times that made use of just natural skincare products or follow the myth.

‘Keep Your Skin Squeaky Clean’

Too clean make it too dry especially for dehydrated skin like mine that will make it easier to break out. You are also harming your natural skin layer where a layer of good oil is actually produced to protect and keep your skin healthy!

Bad oil occurs only when you do not maintain the hydration level and cleanse your face with correct products. 

Our skin can react differently to products, such as you and your friends have oily skin. However, either you or your friend can react well to that same product and the other one will suffer from major breakouts!


It is due to your different daily lives, different skin conditions plus, you are unique. You definitely hear from people who put on makeup every single day and just plainly wash it off with bubble foam cleanser. She does not even breakout!

I hear that quite often but deep inside of me, I truly know my skin is not like hers. We all have different funny skin condition. 

It is also a misconception that having acne on our face means there are too much oil but it can also be caused by lack of hydration.

Tip #2: Double-Cleansing Method

I am sure that you might have heard of this as it is raving in South Korea. Most idols and famous people who need to appear in public often need to maintain their good luck. It is all started with the first step.

By using the right cleansing product plus double cleansing.

Double cleansing method involves an oil-based cleanser/ oil-based makeup remover and a water-based cleanser. It is to be used twice a day, in the morning and at night. 

It is recommended to everyone including oily skin. Do not think that oil-based product is not good for oily skin yet it feels good and cleanses off the bad residues well compared to other kinds of makeup remover. 

Oil-based cleanser product comes in various shapes and volumes. I totally recommended this brand called ‘Banila Co’ and it sells the best makeup cleanser for 4 different skin types! Woot!

An alternative brand which is ‘Heimish’ and both does come in mini kits and they are so adorable!!! Oil-based product is the first step of cleansing to remove makeup, bad oil and residue. 

For the water-based products, it is very tricky when it comes to various skin type. 

  • Firstly for super oily skin with acne , it is best to use as lightweight as possible type of bubble foam cleanser. 
  • Secondly for combination to oily skin type with dehydration issues (like mine) you can try out bubble cleanser but alternate it with mild gel type of cleanser. 
  • Thirdly for dry skin, (I am not an expert but..) I will recommend you to use just the oily-based cleanser itself. Twice as a replacement of the water-based cleanser.
  • Hence, It is very important to keep the PH level of your skin balanced and hydrated. 

Tip #3: Maintain Your Skin Hydration

Like I have said earlier, for dry skin it is advisable to use moisturising products and for oily skin, you have to use hydrating products. 

It is very wrong to think that even super oilier skin is not allowed to use hydrating product. You will destroy your skin’s PH level and the worst scenario might end up that you will look paler and freaking drier. 

I get that thought if you are thinking to yourself, how do I know if I am choosing a hydrating or moisturising product for myself.

‘Save your money and buy this instead of SKII!’ Plus, this works like a holy grail for combination to oily skin with acne! SKII is not suitable for sensitive skin and it broke me out like hell with all sort of skin bumps.

How To Know if this Product Works for You?

Firstly, I will definitely read reviews of the products. Make sure there is no alcohol. If on the review itself have shown good results despite having the alcohol content, ask for a sample. 

Secondly, you can skin test to test the product’s moisturising level. Apply it on your hand, pat lightly and go for a 5 minutes walk. If the content is still there and sticky then it might be a moisturising product. 

Thirdly, as a recommendation from me, a skincare product that contains honey is not a danger to oily skin. You definitely find some sleeping masks related with honey in it and you can give it a try to apply only at night. Twice per week. 

Honey actually helps and sooth acne not necessarily harms your skin. Just do not overuse it too much. 

Another recommendation for you is to consider to purchase a facial mist and take it along with you everywhere. The weather outside can be hot or cold and our skin will drastically changes according to the weather. 

Facial mist helps to control the hydration level as much as possible. It is as if you are refilling water into your skin to cool the fury down and avoid further volcanoes eruptions. (Acne)

#4: Know What Kind of Ingredients are Essential to Your Skin Type.

In a skincare world, there are many products on sale. Every each of them comes with certain attractive ingredients like aloe vera, green tea or cucumber. However, do take note of other hidden ingredients like alcohol. 

When you read the ingredients list, the first ingredient on the list has the most content in that product. For an example, aloe vera shows up as the first content on the ingredient list but the alcohol appears next to it. Put it back to the counter!

If the alcohol appear like 8 steps away from the main ingredient (first one) then you might consider to get that product. Most skincare gurus will vlog on products suitable for them but they might not be suitable for you. 

So, make sure you test it on your wrist and walk for about 5 to 10 minutes to see if there are redness or irritation shown. 

Do more research on ingredients needed just for your skin type. Not all ingredients can be so ugly and nasty but some might actually works on acne particularly.

I have purchased a set of anti-blemish from Clinique with least expectation. I was already out of hope for acne. So, I gave that kit for a week trial but less than that week, my redness has decreased more than before. Even my nasty mother has complimented my skin! 

That products actually contains salicylic acid and it gave out a really strong alcohol smell! To my amazement, it works well on acne but sadly not on my dehydrated cheeks. So, that is when hydration comes in by searching for ampoule or serums for extra hydration boost. Just for my cheeks. 

#5: Do Not Miss Out Sunblock!

There are some myths on applying sunblock directly onto our bare face or body skin and some believed that sunblock contains bleach so it was highly avoided.

I have been using it for 4 years and coming to 5 years this year so I have no problem using it. It might differ according to the weather and you have to apply skincare first before sunblock.

‘The second-loved product in my skincare shelf! It is suitable for my hyper sensitive skin plus, not too white like other sunblocks out there!’

Apply sunblock at least 15 to 20 minutes before heading out or applying makeup like BB cream. For SPF wise, I will suggest SPF 50 which will merely last about 8 hours. 

However, it is highly recommended to apply sunblock every 2 hours due to various reasons like when you sweat it off or starting rubbing your face. Some areas on your face might get missed out of sunblock.

Although, I am not a skin specialist or a chemist in skincares products but sunblock really helps me a lot. It cools my skin temperature down especially with the sun directing rays at your face without proper protection. 

You will end up with hyperpigmentation or get more sensitive skin. BB cream is slightly different from sunblock in term of tinted cream. Plus, it is advisable to have double protection! 

#6: Exfoliation

Now, we have come to the tricky part of skincare routine for acne-prone skin. When you are a type with acne, I highly recommend you to try out only this brand for now.

It helps me tremendously after trying out various clay masks or micro beads types or even gel mask type. 

It is called out of trouble mask from the Origins and I assure you that it will work so well on acne. I already started saving up money for this item. You can use it twice per week. 

I was also recommended to gently wipe my face with toner before applying this mask in the morning. It feels cooling and clean but not squeaky clean.

‘It leaves my skin supple and moisturised! Plus, it is way too affordable for 160ml product!

Another exfoliation product which I have just recently tried is a product that comes from the Saem. 

It is not a popular skincare brand but to me, it felt quite good enough. Their concealer is also good and is totally affordable. The cost of the concealer is at about less than 10 bucks. 

Exfoliation is for getting rid of dead skin cells to allow better skin renewal. So that your skin look healthier and smoother. It works in a way like it get rid of the upper skin cell full of dead skin to disclose the better skin below. 

For clay mask, it works well when it comes to congested pores. Like really bad skin condition with acne. It goes deep inside your pores as much as possible and dig out the dirt. After some time, your skin will look better.

#8: Purging Vs Breaking Out


Do take note that whenever you try new products and you get breakouts at areas that are not affected before, that means your skin is actually working along with these new products. Such as new pimples are coming out to surface because the new product is actually helping to get rid of hidden bumps or acne under your skin layer.

Breaking Out

However, if you are getting breakouts or acne at the recurring areas or old affected areas, then this product is not for you. Dump it. 

You can read more at this blog.

Finally, the blog has come to an end. Thank you for taking your time to read this skincare blog and hope you will achieve a better skin soon! 🙂

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