A Letter To Myself, the Future Me in 5 years’ Time. [26.07.2019]

Hello Wendy,

How is your condition right now? Have you been going for treatments diligently? Was the treatment hurting you more than before? Is your condition getting better?

I know it is hard on you, getting more conscious than before especially in a crowd and you might still have a hard time accepting sweet words from men. I understand that since you have been hurt by men in your whole life and you have no trust in them.

It might still not be easy right now but you have your own main purpose right?

You want to spread the awareness of HPV and promote on self-care. How was it? I am proud of you for not giving up on promoting your works. It should be tiring for you since you have to work part-time.

I heard that you have been travelling! It is a good new since you love to travel! Where have you been to? Thailand? Taiwan? Australia? Can you even communicate with the locals there? Haha I bet you have gained a lot of weight, especially when you are a food lover.

What about…your friend? Is she in contact with you? Are you okay working at your current job? I pray hard that you can become happier than before and still remember to put yourself first before others. Don;t be so good, lols.

Just keep moving forward with confidence, Wendy. You are living well now and keep going on. Even your parents do not understand you well or why you have been acting indifferent in the past, they are still your family.

Do well! I bet you have been saving a lot and earning more than before! You have earned your happiness! 🙂 Fighting! Do not give up!

Wendy from 5 years ago.

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