Part-Time Job or Full-Time Job?

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy and I am currently working as a part-time partner of Starbucks.

So, today’s blog will be focusing more on whether you should work in a part-time job or a full-time job.

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Short Background Information

At the age of 4, I got a hearing loss on both ears and started wearing hearing aids since then. My speech is not as clear as yours but I still can speak fairly good.

My personality is quite sensitive towards small thing or a bad word out of joke because I was feeling inferior before.

Well, it will get better and that is another reason why I prefer to work in a part-time job. 

My First Part-Time Job

Back in college, I had to work in a F&B industry and it is a famous bubble tea shop called GongCha (currently LiHo in Singapore). It was actually meant to earn some extra pocket money and the salary is like $6.50 per hour for a beginner. 

Fresh Graduate >> Full-Time Job

After I graduated, I started signing up for help in finding jobs through job agencies plus, they do not cost any fees for local people like me. By luck, I got into Maybank and it was a 6-months contract as a Bank Officer. 

While working at the office, I felt empty. I started to think that I was actually trapped in a cage without any chances to explore the world. 

Being on 6-months contract is not easy for me to take more annual leave to go overseas, especially when I was like a newcomer.

Eventually, I rejected the renewal of the contract and for the next 6 months, more interviews have been a failed one. 

Nothing works out. However, during the next 6 months without a job, it seems that it might not be so bad. I got into blogging, figuring out what I actually want for myself other than working for someone else like a puppet or focusing on earning money.

Change Of Mind

So, I started to apply for Starbuck. The hourly pay is about $7 and there is not much monetary benefits. It is kinda worse than GongCha but I join it not really because of the money. 

It is flexible and gives me a new experience. Plus, my dream is to own a pet cafe! Cool, right?

Today is also my first day of work! (30th July 2019)

It is really tiring compared to full time jobs but I can give a flexible schedule and started my plan on saving money to settle old debts and get ready to travel!

It will not be my forever job at Starbucks plus, I am pursuing for further part-time studies or courses.

This kind of thought keeps me excited because it made me feel alive. I am planning, breathing and thinking. This is my main purpose of this life which is to help myself achieve a goal one by one before helping others with theirs. 

So, what about you?

The Pros & Cons

(*depends on industry, different industries handle differently)

Pros of Working as a Full-Time

  • Annual leave & Medical leave (normally 14 days per year after full 3 months of working)
  • Job advancement is easier
  • Some companies provide insurance benefits
  • Fixed schedule and some companies do not allow OT.
  • Fixed salary even after office hours for some companies.

Cons of Working as a Full-Time

  • Stagnant – you get to stay in the comfort zone and might not feel like doing side jobs. 
  • Works like a robot, not investing enough effort in projects. You might just work mainly for pay cheque every month.
  • CV and resume might appear boring if you stay in a company for a long time.
  • Future job-hunting will be harder if you do not hone your skills.


Well, for Full-Time jobs as I have experienced it before for 6-months and it really made me feel like I am working like a robot. Do what others say and come back home with that moody face plus, my mood swings was worse than before. 

Whenever, my parents do not understand how tired I was and provoked me, I would just scold them off. Shouted at them and went to bed with no hope in dreams. 

As if I can dream to go overseas. 

Plus, the salary just increased like $200 per month if you are lucky but to me, it is just for bills and important expenses then what?

I have no time to hone my skills or focus on what I actually can learn.

Who knows? That is only based on my opinion. You might think differently and I respect that. 

Pros of Working as a Part-Time

  • You still get stable income
  • Over some time, you will gain the ability to spend money wisely
  • Improved time management skills 
  • Able to network with bosses and customers with good social skills
  • Schedule can be flexible.

Cons of Working as a Part-Time

  • Constant exhaustion especially when you are working at F&B.
  • Might be lack of time. There are times that your schedule is not what you want. 
  • Might have thought of leaving college or stopped further studies.


Overall, for part-time jobs, the main problem is definitely the salary. It never gets much more than $10 per hour and the full-timer comes in first before part-timer. 

Their schedule (full-time) comes in before yours. (part-time)

An Advise From Me

However, you might be interested to go for night classes or courses to hone your skills so that you can leave part-time jobs. 

For me, I only plan to stay in Starbucks for probably a year till 2 and during that 2 years, I will be attending part-time courses to get a better job. A job that suits me and not have to go to agency and end up like another boring Maybank job.

Plus, I really hope that my blogging skill will get better over time. 

There are also other plans for me, like travelling and learn more on self-care. So, working in part-time can be totally exhausting but I consider my time left.

Life is pretty short.


Question Yourself

The question that you have to question yourself is that, ‘Where do I want to see myself in 5 years’ time’?

For me, I want to complete my journal on travels. Plus, my savings bank should be more than now by 20 times. It is not wrong or selfish to think that way just for yourself.

You only live once. No one owns your future. That is it. 

Start planning now. 

What is your plan going to be like, starting now? Nothing is for free and you might have heard that, ‘ there is no free lunch in the world.’

Work hard, Work Smart and Live out your life

You might not know what you want to do. Explore! No one but you are actually procrastinating and stopping yourself from achieving something for yourself. 


Now, my plan is to come up with a right money management plan because the salary is not a lot. 

It teaches me to focus my spending on more important things like expenses and future savings plan.

Plus, I can get a chance to blog and study new skills. It is like I have enough hours left to do what I want to do for now before the age of 30. 

There is an Instagram post that stated something similar. Something that stated down ‘…hustle with everything by the age before 30. Travel more but never miss out on savings!’

I love that post as it totally what I want it to be like for myself. What about yours? In the end, it is actually all up to you. 

Do take note that the world is changing really fast and you need to catch up!

Thank you!

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