Best Book For The Day: You Are A BadAss written by Jen Sincero

– How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy and today’s blog will be on a book review! This’s now tagged as #mymostfav #mybadassbook #mostrecommendedbook .

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What Is This Book About?

This book is more on self-care and self-improvement which you must start reading on it. It is never too late whether or not you’re in late 20’s or 40’s. It implies to anyone who need consolation and get themselves back on their feet!

‘The Universe’, ‘Source Energy’ & ‘Big Snooze’

It opens up my mind to greater things unknown like ‘The Universe’ and ‘Source Energy’ that’s part of the ‘The Universe’ and it’s always there around you and me.

So, whatever thoughts we have and give out whatever energy to someone else out there, it’ll reflect back to us in the end.

For example, you’re willing to donate 2 bucks to someone and meanwhile, you’ll also receive something similar or even more! I truly believes in that. There’s another that you all have which is called ‘ego’.

The author put ‘ego’ as ‘Big Snooze, BS’ and this’s meant whenever you want to do something good but in return, faces something really hard on you. Way too hard. This is a way that BS will put you back into your comfort zone and worse, never coming out of it.

A Little Background Information About Me

For me, my dad is a heavy gambler. He has to borrow money from my mother who earns very little while his salary is the highest in our family. My hatred for him is unexplainable.

Things like, ‘he is your father, he gave you pocket money’ is just BS. I cannot overlook this and pass on this hatred to every single male human being on earth. Love relationship has already ended up something that I never wished to go through.

It’s not easy and my BS is that I’m not strong. I stay within the comfort zone and not willing to give a chance to a future partner. This issue is still going on until now because this issue has already started at the very young age where I understood what’s going on exactly.

You might faced something worse than my issue. As long as you stop whatever you’re doing, breathe and try to consciously think instead of following your emotions.

You might have heard something related to a sentence that say ‘Follow your brains, not your emotions’. This book will tell you a few of very simple ways to do something with your BS.


When you fear something, you’re gonna live within the comfort zone and you will start putting blames on others and even on yourself. What’s the point? This is procrastination!

This book will tell you, ‘If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way, If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse’ and this has affected me a lot! This is what 80% of people out there are doing. Same goes to my parents.

I’m not trying to be unfilial but I can see the end how they are going to end up in. Never have money at all, not to mention I want to travel badly! They always find money too little and not able to take care of their health due to medical fees.

This is not what is for me! What is in for me is that travelling is going to be an easy thing to afford. I have money more than enough and visiting the doctor? Nah, my body will be in a good state!

You Love Money, Right?

This is something that the author has taught me, whatever you have in your thoughts will reflect back to you in reality. Same goes to having money. You love money, right? With money, you can travel, you can own a house and more! So, why will you hate money?

Did you get the point here? In this book, it has come up with ways and explains along the way for your better understanding. Whenever you feel lost, you’ll definitely goes back to this awesome badass book.

Meanwhile, you can a short summary on this book, ‘You are a badass at making money.’

80% of people out there are not doing what successful 20% are doing.’

Plus, what 80% of people out there that is not doing what those successful 20% are doing is, not acting on it. These 20% love their dreams but they have fear. It’s an emotion, that damn emotion.

Take a small step forward daily and you can give a bullet journal a try. You can write down tasks on it and tick whenever it’s completed. It can give you a sense of accomplishment and at least you’re taking an action! That’s the main shit thing here.

You are a badass

You can do it. Just step forward. Breathe and go ahead. 

Hopefully you get the rough idea how is this awesome book is like! You must get one of these and it works like opening a pandora box with information you might have never seen before in other books.

It aims well at your weakest point. Thank you for reading my blog! If anything, no hesitation and email me!

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