A Book Recommendation on Self-Care

Hello Everyone! My name is Wendy and am from Singapore. Currently 25 this year today’s blog will be on a book recommendation on self-care.

A Little Background Information

Jobless, Friendless And Nothing More.

About 6 months ago, I left that boring desk job and tried to pursue a better job but failed. When I got unemployed, my friends practically left me, no contacts and this is the worst experience in my whole 25 years.

Not able to give up and face all these jobs rejections and being so lonely even my parents could not do anything about it. I have decided to time travel to my childhood, where I loved reading books.

So, I restarted reading books. That is when I took a glimpse of books on self-care, books that I never thought I would be reading like 10 years later.


That is written by Haenim Sunim. It makes me felt like I was in the meditation seminar. The way he states down in the book has made me reflected on myself that I was actually not being the real me.

The real me back then, was a super determined girl who loved swimming and never have to think about whatever people were saying of me. I was proud of myself.

Back to present, after experiencing college life, I have changed and this title has already caught me feeling emotional.

“Don’t Be Too Good”.

You and I are unique on our own and it is pointless to compare ourselves to others. It takes them 20 modules to get themselves polished while we have just arrived at the first module.

Just like I love drawings and learnt to admire others’ artworks because I know it is not easy for them at the first place.

Not a pleasant childhood, especially at a young age.

My father was not a 100% role model for my younger sibling and I. He is an extreme gambler even until now and finishes his over $1k salary in less than 2 weeks. He has to borrow from my mother every single day and I will always hear naggings from my mother.

So, it is like he is passing on negative energy to me via my mother. My mother will be the one who is nagging on me not to be like my dad’s sister who is a spendthrift. We do get into quarrels over this issues.

“Don’t let your Difficult Past Define who you are today.”

I always thought to myself, “What’s the point in doing that right?” Everyone is not watching you, but your progress. The earth is dying because of them and do they care? No! Care for yourself.

If you do not love your job but you have family to feed then I do somehow understand. Let your family know and share the burdens. Or else, work along with your struggles as you have limbs, you have brain and nothing to lose. Right?

I am sure there are similar situations that happened elsewhere on the earth. I only know that I am born poor but I will not die like them, poor and has already given up to their fates.

So can you. Blood ties are stronger than water but you are the one who made you and not them. No one can.

Success is always a step away

When on the verge of giving up. Whenever you feel lost, mad or feel like bursting in anger, do take a minute to calm down and leave that place.

Normally, I will just leave my house with my IPad and go to a quiet library and continue my work. During the trip there, it is also the time to get myself thinking of my future. What do I want for myself in 5 years’ or 10 years’ time. Think about it.

Hopefully, from this blog, you can gain some thoughts on self reflection and self improvement. Thank you for reading my blog!

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