6 things to know before becoming a blogger

Hellooo Everyone! To introduce myself, I am Wendy and am from Singapore.

Today’s blog will be based on what you will expect before you become a blogger.

What is exactly a blog?

Based on Google dictionary, a blog means “a regularly updated website or webpages, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.” Likewise, to be a blogger, it will be totally recommended to update your webpage with blogs daily (the best) or 2 to 3 times per day, thrice per week. That helps to increase the possibility on the Google to spread more of your blogs and widen the reachability to readers. Of course, your blog has to be of good content, a content that readers will understand and you, as a blogger have to put yourself in the readers’ shoes.

For an example, fonts, colours, spacings and paragraphs, do you expect your readers to squeeze their eyes and read your blogs diligently? Nah.. they just close your blog without hesitation. I am sure you will do the same too.

Everybody writes by Ann Handley

What you have to do to create interesting contents that will attract readers, is to read more books on content strategy. I read a few after starting the blog, like finding a right niche and how to come up with appropriate contents. My personal blogs will be different as it is based on my daily experiences and is full of foul words. I got myself involved too much. But that is okay, it is another way of being honest to the readers. 🙂

It is not FREE,

If you are planning to share your blog to whole wide world your stories, your reviews and everything! You need to pay a price before getting the thing you want. There is no free lunch in the world.

What I am using now is WordPress, got the domain and self-hosted site from SiteGround, and why not Bluehost? I never experienced with Bluehost, to be honest this whole blog experience is started with WordPress and followed by SiteGround. SiteGround has affordable plan than Bluehost and its website seem too dificult for me. If you want to buy Bluehost, go ahead or try SiteGround if it is affordable for you and you are still new to blogging. On the SiteGround website, you can look it up for 24/7 helpline and there are friendly smart IT admins on standby to help you get the work done on spot!

So, make a plan first on what topics to share, brainstorm and write draft contents before publishing. WordPress also has a free version, just that the url is not the official domain and will not spread that far compared to self-hosted kind. Plus, a tip to earn extra revenue, joining affilitate programs is one of the reasons why I signed up for self-hosted plan. So, if you are interested in these kind of money-making, you can plan first, organise contents and start purchasing the plan:)

Plan, Plan Before You Act On It.

One thing that I have not done yet until now is to collect email subscribers. Mailchimp is one of them on my list right now but guess it is not for free. Another purchase, right? That is why I said plan before you act on it. There are still many options out there to choose. Take your time and do not end up like me, rushing into publishing blogs. I have one personal reason why it is kind of an urgency to publish one personal blog. It is like a warning sign of blog to ladies who are considering to become sugar baby.

You can take a look. Why I Do Not Agree To Applying For Seeking Arrangement

“3 months to No.1″by Will Coombe

Planning on topics is one thing and another thing is to find your SEO keywords to put into your blogs. SEO is really mysterious yet good stuff and for free! You can make use of google keyword planner and google trend, type in your topics and check if it is popular in whole earth! Check if that is what people are looking for rather than focusing on yourself, on what YOU look for.

SEO helps you by pulling your blogs to first 3 pages on Google website as no readers will be so kind to look for your blog. Right?

Keep Your Content Length Neither Too Short Nor Too Long

Complicated? I know. I keep blogging and typing till I forgot where is my end. That is why I am using an IPad for blogging, and it has that function to show two webpages on a single screen, where I can check what topics I am exactly at right now. 🙂 I done abit of my homework on notes in my IPad, put it up next to WordPress and start typing.

“The essential habits of 6-Figure Bloggers” Sally Millers

Put some related images or quotes to attract readers’ emotions so that they can somehow relate to your blogs or stories. Plus, putting a direct link is also another useful point for blogs. A link that direct the readers to your social site, so they will feel that you are unique, honest and definitely feel the closeness and not fake. My blog website has my Instagram Digital Gurl Lover Instagram Logo to share links with my readers and show them that I want to know more about them too. Encourage them to follow and share.

It is effective and good to make friends through social sites and get fresh ideas on what to blog. Nowadays, it is a trend that via Instagram, there are people who collaborate to promote their similar products to share awareness out there. Social sites are really essential to not only us bloggers, but also to whoever shares the same interests or whom wants to learn something new.

For me, I share this topic, Bullet Journal as it can be useful for busy people who just needs a few minutes of their time to plan and organise their busy lifestyle ahead. Books recommendation is also another great idea to get contents and apply them on blogs and via social sites which will end up a win-win solutions for readers, for authors and for yourself!

Make sure you make good use of social media to share your blogs.

About Me & Contact Me Page

You need both of them on your blog. For ‘About Me’ page, you definitely want to share something personal FACTS about yourself with the readers so that they can trust you and able to relate to you. They will not read if they feel you are fake or arrogant, showing off your blogs just for monetary purposes.

For the ‘Contant Me’ Page, readers might have private questions to ask whenever you publish a blog and they definitely want a easy webpage to fill in their questions and email them to you.

Be Original, Be Yourself And Do Not Compare.

Do not need to compare and copy others’ works as we all can have different personal reviews and experiences. Who knows? They just started typing by copying others’ blogs and it is not even coming from their own real experiences. Be Original:) This will catch readers’ emotions and they will definitley know that you are honest!

So, this is the end of my blog and do comment down if you have any questions or email me 🙂 Have a nice day!

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