Book Review on “The Bullet Journal Method” by Ryder Carroll

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Today’s blog will be on a review on the book called “The Bullet Journal Method” by Ryder Carroll. I will be giving my own personal review on it.There are also more books related to bullet journal out there and you may take a look if you want to.

Nevertheless, a basic dotted bullet journal will be recommended to you if you are a beginner. Let’s get started read on this book written by Ryder Carroll. Meanwhile, you can go to his website where you see so many helpful tips under “Blog” webpage. Bullet Journal Method (Blog)

The Bullet Journal Method written by Ryder Caroll

This book is written by Ryder Carroll and inside this book, you will be taught on how to set up your first bullet journal. Plus, on what you expect to write and learn about migrations. It also involved little information on author’s journey with his bullet journal notebook.

The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future

It shows with drawings and basic guidelines on what is expected to be put into for every category (monthly, weekly, daily and custom collections).

There are always pros and cons when you first start or still continuing your bullet journal. For myself, the pros of having a bullet journal are:


  • Make myself feel fully responsible for planning before starting on a new day. So that I can be at least prepared on the next day while taking step by step to reach my goal.
  • Make myself feel fully responsible for planning before starting on a new day. So that I can be at least prepared on the next day while taking step by step to reach my goal.
  • It is always there for me as a reminder, a journal and a task to-do-list. It is nice to have a bullet journal that contains all of your frustrations and worries like a diary plus, as a reminder so that you do not tend to miss out the important tasks.
  • Each tick on each task gives me a sense of accomplishment. That is really true and works the same for everyone. By feeling that sense of accomplishment, you will definitely work harder, even though that you might not make it. You still can push yourself forward.
  • It keeps me organised by using those given layouts. (Monthly weekly, daily and custom collections) You can put goals and notes on these layouts so that you can see them clearly.

* Collections page is actually something new. It allows you to develop good habits to replace old and bad ones such as to keep track of your diet. You can draw books and record your favourite titles or authors and even finance log! It does many things!

* You will get more creative as time goes by (if you are doing it consistently). Slowly, you will start playing with markers and doodle on your bullet journal. Like mine shown above, it is great to use colour code to see clearly on a wide spread.


  • You might get easily intimidated by others’ artworks but not their real “journal” works. They are good at arts because it takes them years to practise. You can but for now, start with the basic.
  • People who are perfectionists.. good luck to you as you might still be at the first page for …2 weeks? I get fed up when I see myself get wrong spellings, “Oh God, this journal page looks ugly!!” And I do want to tear off that page. But just do not do that. It cause the journal on “loose”. I stopped myself and start on a new page.
  • Can be time-consuming, if you get yourself addicted into journaling but it is great. Not that bad!
  • Bullet journal notebooks can be expensive. If you can afford, buy a whole set that comes with a guidebook and a notebook. If not, get a dotted notebook and start learning. 🙂 I will try to upload mine works as soon as possible.
A collection set, including the original book and “Sealth Edition” notebook

Final words.

Finally, hope you guys get the rough ideas on bullet journal and do recommend it to everyone including your children. You can design it, plan and start getting your life organised!

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